4 March 2010

Mid-week nautical chic treat

[Or, Fashion hints courtesy of the movies no.3]

If you love The Boswell Sisters, 1930s fashion or nautical chic, keep watching!

From 'Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round' (Benjamin Stoloff, 1938). Has anyone seen it?


  1. I just love fashion, hair and make-up of the era of black-and-white movies. The women were sooo stylish in those days. (Or at least, they were in the movies).
    Thank you for sharing this, although I got a bit sea-sick in the end....

  2. swoon! I do love the 1930s, nautical fashion, AND the Boswell sisters ;)

  3. HI, I recently happened upon your blog and enjoy reading it very much. I've nominated you for a new blog award that you can pick up from my blog (only if you have time).


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