18 July 2018

Behind the Scenes at the Stevie and Seren Photoshoot

Hi everyone, it’s Jenny here and I’m so excited to show you the behind the scenes from our latest photoshoot! If you’re anything like me and you love seeing the workings of a creative business, then you’re in for a treat with our first behind the scenes video as well :)

The build-up to a photoshoot always creates a fresh buzz in the office, we get so excited to work with everyone again and I would be lying if I said it isn’t always as fun as it looks! I had a great time making this video and filming our day, I hope you enjoy seeing just what it's like on a photoshoot here at TATB HQ.

It's not all dancing, laughing and eating Jaffa Cakes, it's also gazing at the glorious new samples and working with the most lovely people :)

Speaking of lovely people - it's really great working with people we know from real life, for instance Jane our photographer and Tilly are childhood friends (hope that explains the dancing...) Alex and Zeena worked with us on the Stretch photoshoot and are talented makers from the sewing community! And we met Laura through an Instagram call out - such amazing luck finding her :)

I can’t go on without mentioning these totally pinspiring collages that Louise put together for the shoot. They help us to visualise the outfits and plan the perfect look with the hair and make-up team on the day. Plus they're just so beautiful to look at!

As you can probably tell these photos were taken at the end of the day after too many sweets and coffee :)

Special thanks to the dream team - Alex (@sewhappy_alex), Zeena (@heartzeena), Jane (Jane Looker Photo) and Laura (Laura Anne Make-Up) for making it such an enjoyable day.

Now to plan the next one!

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