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I’m a passionate supporter of crafty companies and am pleased to offer affordable sponsorship to help raise the profile of fabric, sewing and craft businesses.

Tilly and the Buttons offers user-friendly guides, tips and inspiration for sewing your own clothes for the new wave of DIY dressmakers. The site has a loyal following of readers who are serious about sewing, crazy about craft, fanatical about fabric, passionate about patterns, and very into vintage! They are mainly women, of all ages (most popular age bracket 25-34), based all over the world (most from the UK, then US), from novice to advanced stitchers.

Visitor stats
300,000 - 500,000 page views per month
65,000 - 85,000 unique visitors per month
15,000+ followers via Bloglovin
12,500+ followers via Pinterest
10,000+ followers via Twitter
… and growing!

Tilly and the Buttons is regularly featured in the press and was named “Best for DIY Fashion” by Channel 4. I was chosen from thousands of applicants to be a contestant on BBC television's hunt for Britain's best amateur sewist. My first book, Love at First Stitch, will be released in May 2014.

"If there was anyone cooler, or hotter, on TV this week than Tilly, her bedroom clothes rail stuffed with spankingly cute dresses she'd designed and executed herself, I didn't see them."

"It is a FACT that advertising with Tilly has genuinely increased traffic to the Sewbox site and has resulted in direct sales. Recent analysis has shown that Tilly can double my hits overnight whereas an experimental advert in the Sunday supplement of a major national newspaper had virtually no impact on traffic to my site. This just shows the power of internet advertising and of course the Power of Tilly! Tilly has been totally supportive and both pro-active and genuinely interested in helping promote Sewbox. So a big THANK YOU!"
- Susan Stevenson, Sewbox

"Sponsoring Tilly's blog as has such a positive impact on my business. Her content is so rich and wonderful that it draws in such an amazing audience. There has been a great increase in traffic to my website, resulting in positive sales. Tilly is such a generous and supportive lady. She takes a real interest in her sponsors and is always keen on finding new and interesting ways to get the word out and show support for us!"
- Kristiann Boos, Victory Patterns

"Due to my ad, my hits from Tilly's site are through the roof and it's a great way to expose my sewing patterns to her stylish readers from around the world!" 
Christine Haynes, sewing author + designer

"You do such an amazing job keeping your site active and your viewers engaged. That is no small thing. We really appreciate all the traffic your site has brought to our site. The hits from your site outperform all of our other ads by a landslide. Thank you."

Advertising options
Your advert will be posted in a prominent position on the right-hand side bar of the site for one full month, starting on the 1st of the month. Choose from the following options:

Featured spot - 200 x 200 pixels - £100 per month
TOP SPOT! Positioned at the top of the sponsors column all month long for all eyes to see. Only one spot available per month. You can reserve this space in advance for a future month or every other month (but not two months in a row due to popular demand) by paying up front. Available months - FULLY BOOKED (new spots will be released shortly)

Large spot - 200 x 200 pixels - £75 for 1 month / £205 for 3 months / £375 for 6 months (6th month free!)
Large spots available underneath the Featured spots and above the Regular spots. Order of Large spots allocated on a first-come first-served basis, then rotated mid-month for maximum exposure.

Regular spot - 200 x 125 pixels - £50 for 1 month / £135 for 3 months / £250 for 6 months (6th month free!)
Positioned underneath the Large spots. Order of Regular spots allocated on a first-come first-served basis, then rotated mid-month for maximum exposure.

Mini spot - 200 x 60 pixels - £30 for 1 month / £80 for 3 months / £150 for 6 months (6th month free!)
Mini price! Especially for mini businesses, Etsy stores and craft blogs looking to gain extra traffic.

Making the most of your sponsorship
Sponsoring a popular blog read by thousands of sewing enthusiasts is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. A few ideas for maximising the opportunity:
- Choose a clear image which will appeal to my readers. Hint: we love sewing, craft and dresses! If you can't decide which to use, I'm happy to advise.
- Feel free to send me fresh artwork each month to keep those eyes drawn or to test out different images.
- How about including a discount code in your ad for readers who quote 'TILLY' when buying from your shop?

Blog sponsors get special treatment! If you book a Featured, Large or Regular spot for 6 months or more, I'd be happy to discuss ideas for extra editorial, such as a product review, interview or guest post. Please note:
- I will only write honest reviews of products or services I genuinely love and think my readers will love too
- I prefer creative approaches of raising interest in your business rather than a simple "plug"
- Giveaways are currently held once or twice a year, jointly with other sponsors for greater reach and impact (see example)
- Editorial space is limited and at my discretion... but I will always do my best to accommodate you
- I'm happy to retweet relevant information about your business (such as a new product or event) that my readers would love to know! Oh and I lurrrve browsing my sponsors' sites and pinning fabric to Pinterest...

Get in touch!
Further questions? Ready to sponsor? Hooray! Email me (see below) detailing:
- a brief intro to your business
- the website your ad would link to
- the size of spot you’d like
- how many months you’d like to book.
Sponsors are subject to approval to ensure they are the right fit for this site and its readers. Sponsors will be invoiced via PayPal and payment is required upfront to secure a space. Please send artwork (static images only) as soon as possible and at least 3 days before your advert is due to go live.

Thank you!

Disclosure: This is a for profit blog, proud to promote sponsors fitting the mission of Tilly and the Buttons to get the world stitching. I am an Amazon Affiliate and a Craftsy Affiliate, which means I get a bit of pocket money if you buy something from them having clicked through from here. Please be assured that reviews are totally honest and that I only recommend things I genuinely love and think my readers will too.