30 June 2021

(AD) Design Your Own Cute & Colourful Woven Labels with Dortex Labels

This is a paid advertisement by Dortex.
 Design Your Own Cute & Colourful Woven Labels with Dortex Labels

Woven labels are fast becoming the must-have finishing touch to any of your me-made clothes, and Team Buttons are certainly on board with this obsession! We love an inspirational or sassy quote hiding in our makes, or a nod to the rest of your wardrobe that this new dress is one of a kind. So when Dortex got in touch with us to design our own labels for personal use, we jumped at the chance to design a collection of dreamy woven labels perfect for all the Buttons...

Picking which woven label to stitch into my latest makes (and even my much loved older ones) is now one of my favourite parts of the design process. I love matching the colours to my garment's fabric or totally clashing and letting the label stand out.

Design Your Own Cute & Colourful Woven Labels with Dortex Labels

Designing your own woven labels can sound a little daunting and you might think you need technical or design skills, but with Dortex's easy to use website and online design process, you'll feel like a pro picking your colours, fonts and motifs from their stylish selection. There's a really great range of colours to choose from, along with various qualities, sizes & more. Allowing you to create gorgeous, unique labels whatever your skill or budget.

I wanted to create a variety of labels using both Dortex's label design building on their website, along with creating some of our own custom label designs in Photoshop and uploading them, so 1 could get the full experience. I used a selection of designs, sizes and colours, so we can demonstrate just some of what you can create! 

Design Your Own Cute & Colourful Woven Labels with Dortex Labels

23 June 2021

Sewing For The Season - Summer!

Sewing For The Season - Summer!

Hurrah! Didn't it feel like summer wasn't quite going to make it back in May? So. Much. Rain... But luckily the clouds have cleared right on time and we've been blessed with plenty of sunny days with lots more to come. So let's get that summer sewing in full swing, shall we... 

I've had a look through aaalllll the high street trends for summer so I'll be showing you how to sew the looks for yourself, including gorgeous fabric recommendations for some must-make summer patterns.


Fancy seeing some of our summer sewing picks in action? Check out our video below with some sewing chat with Abi:

Cool & Comfy

Sewing For The Season - Summer! Cool and Comfy

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We all know comfy dresses are where it's at and here at Tilly and the Buttons, comfy dresses are our bread and butter! Loose-fitting smock dresses are SO comfy in summer, swishing gently in the breeze and if you make midi or maxi length, you can protect your skin from the sun at the same time (always a plus if you're as pale as me!). 

Our Stevie add-on pattern has a gathered skirt so you can turn Stevie into a breezy, oversized smock dress, with the easiest sleeves you'll ever sew. Or if you fancy upping your smock dress sewing game, try our Indigo pattern in a fabric with more stability like cotton poplin, for super trendy slightly puffed sleeves

Fabric Finds:

Sewing For The Season - Summer!

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Sewing For The Season - Summer!

16 June 2021

Five Tips for a Neat Finish

Five tips for a neat finish by Tilly and the Buttons

To sew neatly or not to sew neatly, that is the question? Whether you like to take your time sewing everything precisely or prefer to stitch a little more freely and hope for the best, a few little tips up your sleeve to improve your finished result can be a huge plus.

We are definitely of the opinion that sewing should be fun and there is never just one way to approach things. We advocate for taking your time or taking shortcuts. The way you sew is up to you and it's not for anybody else to tell you what is the "right" or "wrong" way to do things. There is just a way to do things that work best for you! 

If you do want to improve your sewing or take it to next level, here are five tips that only take a few extra minutes per project, but add hugely to the finished garment result. They can save you a little time in the long run if you are the kind of stitcher who likes to unpick to get things just so. If you tend to go with the flow, these tips can help mask a few little humps, bumps and lumps - if you so choose!

Now on to the tips :)

Five tips for a neat finish by Tilly and the Buttons

1) Baste (tack) before you sew 

Have something that needs to line up or stay in place, like the end of waist tie or side seams that join at a waistline? You could take an extra few minutes to baste (tack) pieces together before stitching them for real to make sure they go together nicely. 

Set your machine to a longer stitch length - somewhere between 3-4mm - and sew your pieces together. It can be helpful to do this in a contrasting colour to make the stitching easier to remove after you have sewn your final line. When you come to sew the whole seam, the basted (tacked) pieces will stay put, and you can feel smug :)

It may seem like a step too far, but it can reduce the frustrating process of unpicking stitches when your pieces haven't lined up as perfectly as you had pinned, or that waist tie that made a break for it during the sewing process.

Five tips for a neat finish by Tilly and the Buttons

2) Use a walking foot

8 June 2021

Summer School - 30% off Online Workshops!

Tilly and the Buttons Online Workshop summer sale - until 13/06/21


Use code: SUMMER30 for 30% off online workshops from Tuesday 8th June until Sunday 13th June 2021 midnight BST 

Do you want to learn to sew or build your stitching skills this summer? We have just the thing for you! 

We have a range of online video workshops that cater to every skill level and can be taken at your own pace with 24/7 access. You can take the classes from the comfort of your own home (you could even watch the lessons in the garden with a spritz!), and Tilly will be there to break things down every step of the way, with clear instructions. The courses are split into modules, making it easy to revisit useful sections in later projects.

Make Friends with a Sewing Machine online workshop

It is also National Sewing Machine day on Sunday 13th what better way to celebrate your machine than getting to know it a little bit better :)

Whether you need to learn how to use your sewing machine or finally want to conquer your overlocker (serger), we have an online workshop for you!

If you've been putting off getting your new sewing machine out of the box (we all know this feeling!), or feel a wave of panic coming over you when the machine needs threading, our Make Friends with a Sewing Machine workshop is just what you need! The class covers:
  • Getting to know your machine (including what to look out for if you don't have one yet)
  • Threading your machine 
  • Getting to grips with stitching
  • Sewing a simple scarf
  • Troubleshooting tips and how to fix your sewing mistakes

2 June 2021

Five Tips for Cutting and Sewing Slippery Fabric

I know we’ve all been there, dreaming up floaty summer dresses but then our drapey fabric starts misbehaving at the sewing machine, if not before driving us crazy at the cutting table and developing a mind of its own. 

Mismatched seams, fraying fabric and all kinds of wonky cutting, there’s a reason sewing with lighter weight fabrics has a tricky reputation. But we promise it doesn’t have to be like that and sewing with lightweight fabrics can be rather lovely when you've got some tricks up your sleeve... 

Drapey fabrics make perfectly cool and floaty summer dresses and can provide some serious swish-factor. Check out our Lyra shirt dress (the interfacing tip in this blog post will be especially helpful for that collar!), the summer-ready Seren dress and our simple Lotta dress to name a couple of our patterns that can be made in lightweight fabrics like viscose & crepe.