26 August 2020

Tilly's Rainbow Brushstrokes Tabitha T-Shirt Dress

Tilly's Rainbow Brushstrokes Tabitha T-Shirt DressTilly's Rainbow Brushstrokes Tabitha T-Shirt Dress

Here's a quintessential example of how my sewing style got more colourful and flamboyant during lockdown - my rainbow brushstrokes Tabitha T-shirt dress.

I mentioned this shift in the colour and prints of my me-mades in my recent post and video on my lockdown makes, and thought I'd show you some more pics of this dress that featured. It is one of my favourite makes OF ALL TIME after all :)

Tilly's Rainbow Brushstrokes Tabitha T-Shirt DressTilly's Rainbow Brushstrokes Tabitha T-Shirt Dress

The pattern is the Tabitha T-shirt, which is in my latest book Make It Simple. The dress version is a variation on the main pattern - the book shows you how to draft your own simple skirt for it to your own measurements and to the length you want. It works equally well in mini, knee-length or even midi-length. I went for a hemline that ends just below the knee. Plus I added the seventies-style ringer cuffs, the pattern piece for which is also included in the book.

19 August 2020

How to Make a Magnetic Pin Holder (with Video!)

How to make a magnetic pin holder - Tilly and the Buttons

My name is Tilly and I am clumsy. Seriously, I drop my pins on the floor ALL. THE. TIME. A magnetic pin holder is a must-have in my house to avoid those pins flying all over the carpet (and to quickly pick them up when they do), and I thought I’d share an easy DIY to make your own, using air-dry clay.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I got into playing with modelling clay, and made a few things like necklaces, egg cups, pinch pots… and a pin holder. It’s a lovely craft to get into as it uses very little equipment, and you can experiment to make pretty much anything you can imagine.

One thing I should say very clearly is that I am not a modelling clay expert, I’m just sharing what I did and a few things I learnt along the way. If I can do it, you can too!

So if you fancy making your own magnetic pin holder with air-dry clay, read on… or watch the video below!

How to make a magnetic pin holder - Tilly and the Buttons

You will need:
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11 August 2020

OMG, It's Buy One Get One Free*!

OMG! it's buy one get one free

It has been a strange few months at TATB HQ with our shipping capabilities reduced and, at times, put on hold while the team stayed home and safe through the UK's COVID-19 lockdown. But this month, the lovely Frances has started returning to the office and is able to help Kate pack your orders!

So to celebrate we are having a summer sale with a very tempting offer : ) We have selected some gorgeous printed sewing patterns for the offer - when you buy one, you get another for free - winning! 

OMG! it's buy one get one free

There are eight designs in the offer - Jessa, Mila, Zadie, Martha, Rosa, Orla, Fifi and Agnes. All you have to do is pop two of these printed sewing patterns into your basket and one of them will automatically be free - it's easy peasy! You can use this offer more than once in a transaction, so if you add four of the selected patterns to your basket, you'll only need to pay for two of them, and so on.

The sale is running until midnight BST on 25th August 2020 and is while stocks last so make sure you check out your basket before then!

Would you like to know a little more about the patterns in the offer? I thought so!

5 August 2020

Tilly's Lockdown Makes (Video!)

Midi length pink and red Indigo smock dress

How has the Covid-19 lockdown affected your creativity? Have you had more time or less time on your hands to sew? Have you felt inspired to make all the things or too anxious to thread a needle?

At the time of writing, I've been extremely lucky enough not to have friends or family severely affected healthwise by the pandemic, so that hasn't been a factor for me. I acknowledge that this is a privilege, and I am aware that some of you reading this may be going through a harder time right now - if this is the case, I'm sending you lots of love. I hope that craft - or at least dreaming about creativity - has provided you with some release, relief or rest during this difficult time.

My experience of lockdown has been up and down, feeling grateful for my fortunate position (our health, a happy home, an online business that is weathering the storm, a garden...!) while also struggling most days with juggling an ever-changing small business with looking after my two year old while we haven't had childcare for four months.

I've had verrrry little time to myself. Some weeks I've been too frazzled to even go to the loo, let alone think about sewing anything... while at other times I have felt incredibly inspired and energised to make stuff, and have harnessed this urge to power on through and cut out a new project even if my body is screaming, "Go to bed!". It just goes to show that one's energy level (fuelled by inspiration and motivation) can be more important than the amount of "free time" you have when it comes to getting things done.

I've also found that my style has swung quite significantly with my feelings about lockdown. In the first few weeks, I was gravitating towards solid muted colours such as navy and black - perhaps to match my mood of anxiety, fear and the newness of being cooped up indoors. Later I had the urge to make things in ALL the colours and bold prints - mirroring the wave of rainbows popping up in windows, reflecting my need for optimism and a desire to brighten the day of anyone I happened to see. Plus I've realised I've been experimenting more with styles and silhouettes, perhaps because there's no one looking to judge if they didn't work out!

I made a video sharing some of the things I've made during this weird, unprecedented time, from April to July 2020. I say "some" of the things I made during lockdown as I also made lots of face coverings, samples for forthcoming patterns for work, as well as birthday gifts for family. Phew!