15 November 2018

Design Your Own Fabric with Spoonflower! - Part One

Designing your own fabric with Spoonflower - by Tilly and the Buttons

Have you ever wanted to design your own fabric? If you're anything like us at TATB, the idea of not only making your own garment, but designing fabric to go with it, makes us squeal with excitement! We have teamed up with Spoonflower to show you how to design your own seamless repeat pattern.

Spoonflower enables you to upload your own designs and print them onto so many different fabrics. Their digital printing process uses eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks and dyes that produce very little waste. They hold the largest collection of independent designers in the world, so you can browse a wealth of designs - but why not have a go yourself?

Spoonflower asked the lovely Suzie to come along to our studio to teach us how to design our own seamless repeat pattern, which is then scanned to become a print. Suzie is a wonderful print designer from Suzie London and is based in the cutest shop (that she describes as a shed) in North London.

Let the designing commence!

Designing your own fabric with Spoonflower - by Tilly and the Buttons
Designing your own fabric with Spoonflower - by Tilly and the Buttons

14 November 2018

Say Hello to A0!

Tilly and the Buttons digital patterns now include A0 pattern files!

If you're a digital pattern lover, you may be excited to hear that we now include A0 copy shop patterns with all your PDF purchases. We received feedback that many of you would love to have this option, so have been beavering away to get the files set up for all our patterns - phew!

You might be wondering what the A0 copy shop option means. Well, you can have your pattern printed on a large format printer directly onto A0 paper. Take the files to a local copy shop, or stay at home and get your pattern printed and delivered to your door by our favourite printing option, Netprinter.

Your pattern will be printed on one, two or very occasionally three large sheets (depending on the size of the pattern) and you'll be able to cut your project straight out without having to stick any of the pages together.

When you buy a PDF pattern from us, you'll still get the option of A4 / Letter sheets to print at home, as well as the large format option if that's what you prefer.

8 November 2018

Sew a Xmas Sweater Contest

Tilly and the Buttons contest - Sew a Xmas Sweater!

We are so excited announce announce a very festive Tilly and the Buttons contest! Everyone is invited to join us in stitching and embellishing a Tilly and the Buttons' sewing pattern to wear for the holiday season. We are using the term 'xmas sweater' loosely - it could be a Christmas sweater, Hanukah hoodie or Diwali turtleneck... as long as it's festive a snuggly it will fit the bill!

Creativity is key here – we are not going to be checking seams, hemlines or fastenings, we want you to have fun and be free to add the wow factor to your project. We suggest using Coco, Stella, Nora, and Freya – as they’re all pretty speedy to make and cosy to wear. Embellish, embroider and applique to your hearts content. Here is a little inspo to give you some ideas for what you could do : )

Tilly and the Buttons contest - Sew a Xmas Sweater!
Clockwise L-R: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

5 November 2018

Free Coin Pocket Pattern! Add this to Your Ness Skirt

Free Coin Pocket Pattern - Tilly and the Buttons

Fancy adding a little something extra to your Ness skirt? A coin pocket will heighten the jeans-inspired detailing on this classic skirt. And there’s no such thing as too many pockets, amirite?

We’ve created a bonus pattern piece that you can download for free, plus instructions below on how to add it to your skirt.

Free Coin Pocket Pattern - Tilly and the Buttons

The pattern prints on one sheet of A4 or Letter size paper. You won’t need any extra fabric – the pattern piece is small and will fit on the fabric around the other pieces.