1 December 2021

Sew a Perfect Party Dress!

Sew a Perfect Party Dress!

Party season is upon us, sewists! It's the perfect excuse to sew up those extra fancy, luxurious makes you've been dreaming up all year. Perhaps you've been lusting after designer velvet dresses or swishy sequin skirts, this blog post will get you in the mood for whatever your festive party feel.


However... we're advocates of wearing your fanciest dresses whenever you want. So don't pack your make away after one wear. Love it, wear it and restyle it to give it the love it deserves!

Simple Chic

Indigo dress with gold confetti falling from above

Indigo is one of our all-time best-selling sewing patterns. Just check out the super inspiring #SewingIndigo hashtag on Instagram (with over 4000 posts!) to see what the online sewing community makes of it. 

Recently re-released in our UK 16-34 size band AND with a trendy puff sleeve add-on update, now is the best time to get your copy and join the Indigo bandwagon! 

Indigo collage with tech drawings.

With a whopping possible 60 combinations to make with our Indigo Add-on bundle, you'll be whipping up simple smock dresses left, right and centre! So if you want to make your own party dress this season but are short on time, our simple Indigo pattern is the perfect place to start.

Need some fabric inspo for Indigo? GO HERE
Want to know how to sew a smooth dart? GO HERE

24 November 2021

Black Friday Sale! Team Button's Picks

Black Friday Sale! Team Button's Picks

It's our biggest sewing pattern sale of the year and we're treating you with up to a whopping 40% off individual sewing patterns and more. Starting at 20% off on our best selling designs and books - it's too good to miss!

The sale ends Tuesday 30th November at 9am (BST) 2021. All discounts have been applied. Our Black Friday sale excludes online workshops, gift cards, gift wrapping and bundles.

Remember, it's a super busy shopping season! Read our Festive FAQs for important delivery information, gifting options & more.

Black Friday Sale! Team Button's Picks





Team Buttons have picked out their sale faves below:

Tilly's Picks:

Tilly's eyeing up the Joe PJ bottoms for sewing as prezzies this Christmas and she never leaves home without her Eden coat.

Joe PJs (40% off!) - Eden Coat (40% off!)

Nikki's Picks:

Nikki has plans for her 4th and 5th Lyra shirt dresses and tis the season for Billie sweaters after all!

Lyra Dress (20% off!) - Billie Sweater (20% off!)

Kate's Picks:

Kate's eyeing up another Freya top to add to her collection, ideal for pairing with her Bobbi pinafore.

Freya from 'Stretch!' (20% off!) - Bobbi Pinafore (30% off!)

Rhi's Picks:

Rhi's swooning over velvet Joni dresses, perfect for the party season. Plus the Rosa shirt will be a great pattern for her cat-themed festive shirt!

Joni from 'Stretch!' (20% off!) - Rosa Shirt (30% off!)

Frances' Picks:

Frances has picked the ideal handmade combo for Autumn/Winter dressing with our snuggly Nora and her fave's; the Jessa tousers.

Nora Top (30% off!) - Jessa Trousers (40% off!)

Abi's Picks:

Abi's currently sewing Martha for her wedding dress and the Iris knickers are her fave TATB pattern of the year.

Martha Dress (40% off!) - Iris Knickers (20% off!) 


Happy shopping, sewists!

17 November 2021

How to Select Your Sewing Pattern Size

How to select your sewing pattern size

Understanding sewing pattern sizes can give anyone a headache, especially if you're a newbie to all this, but this blog post will break it down into manageable chunks so you can confidently select your Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern size and get your sew on the road!
Whatever sewing pattern you're making, this post will outline how to choose the size that actually fits you, how to combine multiple sizes, and how to avoid patterns coming up larger or smaller than you expected. Along with handy links to our in-depth fitting blog posts including full bust adjustments, shoulder adjustments and more...

How to select your sewing pattern size
Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern and sewing tools.

How do you work out which size sewing pattern to cut out?

Our sewing patterns are labelled with generic numbers from 1 up to 8, 10 or 15 (depending on the pattern), with the ready-to-wear sizing system (8, 10, 12 etc) listed as a secondary reference point only.

This is because the ready-to-wear sizing system can cause a lot of confusion and frustration, as the measurements vary between countries, between shops, and between sewing pattern companies - we all know the pain of going jeans shopping!

While it may be useful when you’re shopping for clothes, it doesn’t seem to make much sense when sewing our own clothes – when we should have more control over fitting to our unique shape, size and bust-waist-hip ratio. We'd encourage you to ignore “standard” sizes and instead look at the exact body measurements and the finished garment measurements listed on our sewing patterns. This way we have more control over getting a better fit rather than obsessing over a generic number. Hooray!

Billie sewing pattern booklet showing highlighted sizes

10 November 2021

Indigo's Been Upgraded! NEW Add-on & UK 16-34 Size Band is Here

YASSS, our best-selling Indigo smock dress sewing pattern in sizes UK 16-34 has arrived, but that's not all folks... Our popular Indigo Add-on sewing pattern has also been upgraded to include a dreamy puff sleeve - available in both our new UK 16-34 size range and our existing UK 6-24 size range - yay! 

If you're not already familiar with them, you're going to love the Indigo and Indigo Add-on patterns. Indigo is the perfect top or dress to wear at any occasion, in any weather, and in looooads of different fabrics. Going out with friends for lunch? Throw on an Indigo! Doing the school run? Indigo! Living your best life at home when it's cold and rainy outside? Indigo! Ok you get the idea, Indigo is as versatile as she is beautiful. 

There's never been so much exciting content to cram into a blog post, so get comfy and get excited because this is one pattern extravaganza you don't want to miss...

Who doesn't love feeling comfy and stylish? This is exactly what Tilly had in mind when she designed Indigo. She found herself craving easy fitting garments that made an impact whilst still being oh-so-comfortable. And as they say, the rest is history. Indigo is an easy-breezy top or dress with gorgeous added details to make your heart flutter.