28 January 2022

Fitting the Pearl Cardigan

Tilly and the Buttons - Fitting the Pearl Cardigan

Are you planning on making the Pearl cardigan sewing pattern and want some extra info and guidance on fitting? Well, you've come to exactly the right place! In this blog post we're going to talk you through the most common fitting adjustments you can make to your Pearl cardigan, if you feel like you need them. 

Pearl is available in printed and PDF formats sizes UK 6-34 / US 2-30 / EUR 34-62 / AUS 6-34.

Luckily, as Pearl is made from knit fabric (AKA everybody's fave fabric), and is a wrap cardigan, you can tie it as loose or as tight as you like, it's relatively easy to fit - yay! We've got a blog post in the coming weeks with tips and tricks on how to fix a gapey neckline just in case you need a hand in this department. Otherwise, keep reading for info on fitting Pearl!

Tilly and the Buttons - Fitting Pearl Cardigan

In this post we're going to cover: 
  • Choosing your size 
  • Lengthening or shortening the bodice or sleeve 
  • How to combine different bust and waist sizes 
  • Full bust adjustment
  • Small bust adjustment
Tilly and the Buttons - fitting the Pearl cardigan

Choosing your size 

26 January 2022

Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Tilly and the Buttons - Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing PatternTilly and the Buttons - Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Today is an exciting day as we get to share our latest sewing pattern with you - squee! Meet the Pearl cardigan sewing pattern, speedy to sew and packed with delicious details and multiple sleeve options. 

The great thing about Pearl (and there are many great things) is that versatility is its middle name - you can wear this design with soooo many outfits. Pair with your Jessa jeans or a Bobbi skirt for an elevated casual look, or throw it on over an Indigo dress for ultimate effortlessly-cool vibes. You'll be whipping up a quick Pearl cardigan for every day of the week!


Excited to learn more about the Pearl cardigan? Let's get to it...

Tilly and the Buttons - Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Tilly and the Buttons - Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Tilly and the Buttons - Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing Pattern
Tilly and the Buttons - Meet the Pearl Wrap Cardigan Sewing Pattern

19 January 2022

Abi's 1960s Inspired DIY Wedding Dress

Tilly and the Buttons - Abi's 1960s Inspired DIY Wedding Dress

Hello! It's Abi here, and today on the TATB blog I'm going to share all the gory details of sewing my own vintage-inspired wedding dress - big yikes! If you've stumbled across this blog post because maybe you're about to embark on sewing your own (congrats!), let me reassure you it can be as stress-free as you desire and it doesn't have to require several months of planning and fittings - if you don't want it to. 

Tilly and the Buttons - Abi's 1960s Inspired Martha Wedding Dress
A quick selfie before we headed off!

Before we get into it, I would like to preface this post by letting you how casual I was about the whole getting married malarky (we've been together 10 years already). There wasn't toile after toile of my wedding dress, no studying couture hand sewing techniques, no endless fabric swatches and fitting tweaks. If anything, my friends and family will tell you I was too laid back about making my wedding dress, they were sending me text messages every other day to see if I had started it yet (sorry pals). I was so laid back, in fact, I made my dress one week before our wedding day.

So this blog post is my handmade wedding dress story, as chaotic as it may read...

Tilly and the Buttons - Abi's 1960s Inspired DIY Wedding Dress
Friends take the best photos - thank you Jacob for this one!

I won't bore you with the details, but let me tell you it was a proper pandemic wedding. We originally planned to elope, but to cut a long story short, we binned the idea and on our third attempt decided to get married at the small registry office at the end of our road with a handful of our closest friends with barely a month's notice. 

12 January 2022

Sewing For The Season - Winter!

Sewing For The Season - Winter!

Brrr! You've guessed it, it's time for a new sewing for the season blog post with me (Abi)! Where I'll be sharing lots of on-trend inspiration for your winter sewing projects. From the cosiest loungewear to stylish dresses to layer with your woolly tights.

See what my own winter sewing plans are, inspired by these highstreet finds, in the video below. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this little lot...


Statement Sweaters

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

If you watched the accompanying vlog, you'll see I've certainly been stocking up on my plain sweatshirt fabrics! I'm totally obsessed with the sewing patterns we're working on behind the scenes, so consider those fabric choices a clue... But I'll be reserving at least one for a Billie sweater. I can't decide between adding a touch of embroidery to mine or creating an iron-on transfer (much like our MAKER decal).

Do you like the look of the sweet shoulder ruffle on the pink number above? Well last year, Tilly created a free downloadable ruffle template to hack your Billie sweater with. For all the details, go to this blog post - cute!

Fabric Picks:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

5 January 2022

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

As we start a shiny new year, our minds tend to wonder about the 12 months spread out in front of us and what we'd like to achieve. When it comes to sewing and other crafty hobbies, what we want to learn can feel endless

Team Buttons have set some sewing themed goals for 2022, in hopes we might be able to tick them off throughout the year. Fancy joining us? Have a read through our 2022 reSEWlutions (we love a pun!)...

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Tilly's ReSEWlution:

"Sewing took a bit of a back seat last year, yes, partly because I had another baby and his sleep is still terrible, but also because I haven't had a very inviting sewing space for a while following a never-ending loft conversion (middle-class problems, I know). I want to get some shelves built ASAP so I can finally set up my new sewing corner properly, with tools to hand, patterns on display for inspiration, and a dedicated space for works in progress. 

Oh, and I need to dig out the extension lead so I don't have to crouch under the table to switch the plugs whenever I need to use the iron... it's the little things! Having an inviting place to sew, no matter how small, can make such a difference to how enticing it is to sit down and sew, particularly when tired after a long day with the kids."