5 January 2022

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

As we start a shiny new year, our minds tend to wonder about the 12 months spread out in front of us and what we'd like to achieve. When it comes to sewing and other crafty hobbies, what we want to learn can feel endless

Team Buttons have set some sewing themed goals for 2022, in hopes we might be able to tick them off throughout the year. Fancy joining us? Have a read through our 2022 reSEWlutions (we love a pun!)...

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Tilly's ReSEWlution:

"Sewing took a bit of a back seat last year, yes, partly because I had another baby and his sleep is still terrible, but also because I haven't had a very inviting sewing space for a while following a never-ending loft conversion (middle-class problems, I know). I want to get some shelves built ASAP so I can finally set up my new sewing corner properly, with tools to hand, patterns on display for inspiration, and a dedicated space for works in progress. 

Oh, and I need to dig out the extension lead so I don't have to crouch under the table to switch the plugs whenever I need to use the iron... it's the little things! Having an inviting place to sew, no matter how small, can make such a difference to how enticing it is to sit down and sew, particularly when tired after a long day with the kids."

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Nikki's ReSEWlution:

"2022 is going to be a big year for me personally (and sewing-wise!) - I'm having a baby so I want to make aaallll the cute baby things, and also make a few things for myself that will work for my postpartum body. I've got a couple of Lyra dresses planned which will be perfect as the pattern a) have a lot of ease at the waist, and b) have a buttoned bodice for easy nursing access. We've also been working on a pattern for the spring that I plan to make several versions of which is very roomy and comfy - watch this space!

Even though I have a fair few sewing plans, I know I'm going to have a lot less time and energy to execute them once the baby shows up. I want to try and remain realistic about what I can achieve and not put any pressure on myself in terms of deadlines or the number of projects. I'm going to set up a small sewing nook in the corner of our living room for when I can grab 10 minutes here and there of sewing time. I'm also buying fabric as and when I need it rather than growing my stash so I don't feel overwhelmed at the sight of so much unused fabric! Oh, and I've also promised my husband I'll switch from pins to sewing clips to keep sharp objects down to a minimum."

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Kate's ReSEWlution:

"I must have been a good girl last year as Santa upgraded my sewing machine to one with touch screen technology and the speediest buttonhole maker I've ever witnessed. So my New Year's ReSEWlution is getting to know my new sewing machine much better. Utilising all the bells and whistles to up my me-made wardrobe game.  The next project to go under the foot is our latest pattern due for release at the end of this month, wonder if it will 'stretch' its capabilities 😉"

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Rhi's ReSEWlution:

"I’m probably the least experienced sewist of Team Buttons having started out when I bought a lockdown sewing machine. I still have lots of lots of sewing hurdles I want to overcome… So to make this challenge achievable, I’ve picked three sewing projects for 2022 that tick off different sewing skills:

Billie -Who doesn’t love a comfy jumper!? Learning to sew with stretch has been on my wish list forever and I seriously need a fuchsia pink Billie in my Spring wardrobe. To get the confidence I need for this make, I will be diving into Tilly’s book Stretch! to help me get to grips with choosing the right needles and stitches.

Rosa - I love shirts and Rosa is no exception! I have a full bust and have spent my whole life dreaming of a perfect fitting shirt that doesn’t gape over the bust. I’m going to work through our Sew Your Own Shirt workshop and conquer my fear of buttonhole plackets and collar stands.

Martha -Invisible zips, princess seams and a bias-cut skirt - YIKES! Everything about this sounds so scary for a sewing novice, but I know I will learn so much from this project. Martha is exactly the type of dress I can see myself swanning around an Autumnal London wearing, while telling everybody “I made this!

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Frances' ReSEWlution:

"I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that this summer we'll be able to travel again and I'd love to be able to sew my own holiday capsule wardrobe for Summer 2022! I want to take on some new-to-me projects including a perfectly fitted pair of denim shorts and maybe a me-made swimsuit or two!"

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Abi's ReSEWlution:

"Since becoming a Button in 2021, my fabric stash has slowly started to grow beyond a level I can actually contain, as my own sewing plans are ever-growing. With a new TATB sewing pattern around the corner, I've been hoarding cosy knit fabrics like there's no tomorrow! This year I'm going to whittle my fabric stash down back to a manageable level.

I'm also setting myself a goal to make a pair of Iris knickers every month of 2022, which will help me use up some fabric scraps and enable me to explore the endless combinations the pattern creates. I'll be sharing my monthly Iris makes on our Instagram, so make sure you're following @TillyButtons!"

Team Buttons New Year's ReSEWlutions

Hopefully, that has given you a little food for thought and inspired you to tackle your own sewing goals in 2022!

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