27 July 2022

Ten Tips for Cutting Fabric Accurately (with video!)

Ten Tips for Cutting Fabric Accurately

Ready to start your next sewing project? Sure you are! Before you dive into the sewing part, you first need to cut out your fabric. 

This is an important step to ensure the pieces go together perfectly and the shape and fit of your final project turn out fabulously.

So what's the best way to cut your fabric? Here are ten tips to keep in mind so you can make sure you're cutting out your next project as accurately as possible...

prepare your fabric

1) Prepare your fabric

Pre-washing your fabric is an important step that you shouldn't skip. If you're itching to get sewing, you may be tempted to start cutting out as soon as you have your fabric in your hands, but the risk is that your gorgeous finished garment will shrink the first time you wash it. So get any shrinkage out of the way first by laundering it on the settings you're planning to use for the finished garment.

Once it's dry, give it a good press (if the fabric can take it) to smooth out any creases. Ironing your fabric to get it nice and smooth will result in more accurately shapes.

20 July 2022

Handmade Holiday Wardrobe

Tilly and the Buttons - Handmade Holiday Wardrobe

As we're amid a UK heatwave, us Brits won't need to save our most summery makes for our holiday, but can rock them in our own back gardens instead! With our hot-weather sewing plans in full swing, here's some me-made summer sewing inspiration. We'll leave the actual making and the packing to you...

One of the many things we love about sewing is the versatility of patterns. Take a sewing pattern and instead of looking at the ready-made garment sample images (however gorge they may be!), have a look at the simple line technical drawings instead. This can get the old sewing-brain cogs turning and what you thought was just a pair of stay-at-home PJ bottoms could become a lovely pair of linen trousers! It's all in your fabric and styling choices. So here's some handmade holiday sewing inspiration, from the beach to the bar...

Coralie & Dominique

Don't leave for your summer hols without a Coralie swimsuit or two. Sew your swimwear in coordinating prints and colours to make the most out of your holiday wardrobe. You can mix and match your bikini sets and pair them with one sarong all week long! 

Our beginner-friendly Dominique skirt would double up as a fab sarong-style beach skirt - sew in a lightweight fabric like chiffon or voile for a dreamy beach-ready look. 

Sewing patterns: CoralieDominique
Fabric: swimwear fabric from our shop, turquoise chiffon
Style with: cat eye sunglasses, beach bag

13 July 2022

Tilly's Makes SS22

Tilly wearing midi-length long sleeved shirt dress

It's been a while since I showed you what I've been sewing for myself... So let's go!

The start of the year was a bit slooooowwww on the sewing-for-fun front, as I was really busy with work, and exhausted from childcare and sleep deprivation, so any sewing I did do was pretty much just related to pattern development. Which is still fulfilling to do, but not the same as sitting down at the machine just for the pleasure of making something.

I think what reignited my sew-jo was falling in love with a piece of fabric - Hidden Signs rayon by Cloud9 to be precise - and setting out to make a Lyra shirt dress. Let me tell you, it took aaaages - like, weeks and weeks - to finish! Not because it's a particularly long or tricky make (it isn't), but because I was stitching it together in little pockets of time - 10-20 minute bursts in the evening before crashing into bed, or a few minutes here and there with my 4yo son sat on my lap (don't worry, he's very careful) while the baby napped.

I'm in love with the result, and finishing the dress gave me a burst of sewing energy. The lighter summer evenings have probably helped too. I've been on a bit of a sewing-for-fun frenzy ever since.

Here's a video of some of the things I made in spring and early summer 2022. You can find details of the patterns and fabrics used below...

6 July 2022

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

When you think of sewing your own clothes, perhaps sewing your own swimwear isn't the first project that comes to mind, some people are so surprised that I make my own swimsuits! But since the launch of our Coralie swimsuit & bikini sewing pattern, it's become my new fave sewing skill to flex. But even to sewing addicts, the idea of making your own swimming costume can seem wild, so here are five reasons why it's a great sewing project to make.

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

Here are five great things about sewing your own swimwear:

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear