6 July 2022

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

When you think of sewing your own clothes, perhaps sewing your own swimwear isn't the first project that comes to mind, some people are so surprised that I make my own swimsuits! But since the launch of our Coralie swimsuit & bikini sewing pattern, it's become my new fave sewing skill to flex. But even to sewing addicts, the idea of making your own swimming costume can seem wild, so here are five reasons why it's a great sewing project to make.

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

Here are five great things about sewing your own swimwear:

Five Great Things About Sewing Your Own Swimwear

1. You don’t need an overlocker (serger)

Yes, you read that right! While sewing swimwear may seem fancy, you don't need any fancy equipment.

You can sew the whole project using an adjustable zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine. You just need to get a stretch needle if you don't already have one. Swimwear fabrics don't fray, so there's no need to finish the seams. Even those ruffles on the Coralie pattern can be left raw! 

2. You need very little fabric

When it comes to sewing swimwear, you won't need as much fabric as if you were sewing something like a top or dress, for example. You can sew swimwear usually from around 1m/1yd of main fabric. So if you mess it up, no biggie! 

And if you have any scraps left over, save them for making a bikini top next time with contrast bottoms or vice versa.

3. Small pieces = more space

Swimwear is an enjoyable project to work with because it's not going to be hanging off your sewing table - it really doesn’t take up much space! There's something so satisfying about sewing with smaller pieces... plus those seams are so speedy to sew.

4. No need to press

Oh yes, another big bonus for those of us who hate the iron slowing us down! Using an iron can damage the synthetic fibres in swimwear fabric, so keep that iron well away. Just finger press if you need to... but you won't need to as the seams will stretch open neatly once your swimwear is on. Hooray!

5. Make it how you like it

Swimwear preferences are so personal. Do you want more or less coverage? Do you need bust support or prefer to keep it soft and simple? Which colours look great against your skin? Where do you want the waistline and leg openings to sit? 

This is why it's great to make your swimwear yourself - you can make it for your own body, style and preferences. 

Our Coralie pattern has soooo many options, whether you want to go for a higher or lower back opening, keep it classic or add a ruffle, add extra bust support with the shelf bra and cups, or leave them out, and of course, you get to pick a fabric that makes your heart sing. Plus you can adjust the fit, including the leg height, to your preference, and go to town with the three gorgeous hacks you can create in our Learn to Sew Swimwear online workshop!

Inspired to give it a try? We can't wait to see what you make! 

If you're looking for inspiration, make sure to check out what people are sewing over on Instagram with our dedicated sewing pattern hashtag #SewingCoralie - warning, gorgeousness ahead!