20 July 2022

Handmade Holiday Wardrobe

Tilly and the Buttons - Handmade Holiday Wardrobe

As we're amid a UK heatwave, us Brits won't need to save our most summery makes for our holiday, but can rock them in our own back gardens instead! With our hot-weather sewing plans in full swing, here's some me-made summer sewing inspiration. We'll leave the actual making and the packing to you...

One of the many things we love about sewing is the versatility of patterns. Take a sewing pattern and instead of looking at the ready-made garment sample images (however gorge they may be!), have a look at the simple line technical drawings instead. This can get the old sewing-brain cogs turning and what you thought was just a pair of stay-at-home PJ bottoms could become a lovely pair of linen trousers! It's all in your fabric and styling choices. So here's some handmade holiday sewing inspiration, from the beach to the bar...

Coralie & Dominique

Don't leave for your summer hols without a Coralie swimsuit or two. Sew your swimwear in coordinating prints and colours to make the most out of your holiday wardrobe. You can mix and match your bikini sets and pair them with one sarong all week long! 

Our beginner-friendly Dominique skirt would double up as a fab sarong-style beach skirt - sew in a lightweight fabric like chiffon or voile for a dreamy beach-ready look. 

Sewing patterns: CoralieDominique
Fabric: swimwear fabric from our shop, turquoise chiffon
Style with: cat eye sunglasses, beach bag

Coralie & Jaimie
The Jaimie pyjamas double up as a pair of comfy and casual shorts or trousers to rock outside. We're obsessed with the idea of adding a pom pom trim to Jaimie shorts sewn in a lightweight fabric for a stylish beach-to-bar look. Or, if you're doing a spot of sightseeing and want a longer length, make the full length (or chop off at 3/4 length!) in plain linen or cotton. 

This idea lends a new meaning to "secret pyjamas"!

Sewing patterns: CoralieJaimie
Fabric: swimwear fabric from our shopfloral viscose crepe, pom pom trimlilac viscose crepe
Style with: sandals
Alexa, Erin & Romy

Ready to do some exploring? Playsuits and dungaree shorts are the perfect adventuring outfit. Depending on your mood you can sew something more form-fitting like Alexa, featuring a trendy external waist channel and tie. 

Or try our versatile Erin style for an oversized fit to layering up with your fave summer tops.

Sewing patterns: Alexa, Erin, Romy
Fabric: tropical viscose poplin, flower buttonswashed linen, aqua stripe jersey
Style with: lilac camera, straw bag

Skye & Stevie Add-on

Clothes you can throw-on-and-go when the weather is hot and sticky are key! Select styles that aren't fitted to the body, so not only are they easy to fit when you're sewing, but breezy to wear. Pair with a statement headband and slip-on sandals and you could be ready to hit all the best beer gardens in a matter of seconds!

Sewing patterns: Skye, Stevie Add-on
Fabric: floral linen/viscose, polka dot viscose
Style with: headband, slip-on sandals

We hope this has helped to inspire your summer looks, at home or away!


Author: Abi Dyson