18 December 2019

Five Sewing Resolutions for 2020

Five sewing resolutions for 2020

Can you believe we are nearly in the year 2020? Nope? We can't either! As the year draws to a close, your mind naturally wanders over the one that has past and the brand spanking new year that's creeping ever closer to you. A new year signifies fresh beginnings and of course, more sewing projects - hurrah! 

As a DIY dressmaker, you might want to start 2020 off with a focus that helps you achieve your sewing goals and stay productive with the little time you have available. Whether you like setting resolutions or not, you could find setting a small goal for the year very satisfying. We have a few ideas for the kind of resolutions you could set for yourself. Even ticking off teeny-tiny challenges can feel so good. 

So, before this year runs away, here are five ideas for sewing resolutions!

Five sewing resolutions for 2020
If you've found yourself staying away from bigger projects that feel a little too challenging, why not bite the bullet and make that your goal for 2020? Whether you've been daydreaming about sewing your first pair of jeans, a gorgeous coat that you made yourself or getting stuck into jersey and making your own t-shirt, a big project is a great goal to have.

If tackling it all in one go feels a little overwhelming, you could work up to the final garment. Maybe starting by breaking the goal down and doing one small thing each week or month, such as researching the sewing techniques you will be using or shopping for the fabric and notions? Before you know it you will be ticking off the smaller jobs and a whole lot closer to the big project. Think of the pride when you manage to sew something you have never sewn before. It will totally be worth all the effort in slowing down and taking your time.

We have some great big projects to tackle:
Eden - make a coat or raincoat
Jessa - sew your own wide-leg jeans (if trousers aren't your thing you could go for the Ness skirt which is packed with denim-inspired details that will challenge you in a similar way)
Nora - become totally obsessed with t-shirt making
Rosa - make your own collared shirt or shirt dress

Five sewing resolutions for 2020

With a greater focus on the environment, you might be thinking about ways you can make your sewing practice a little kinder to the planet. Scraps and offcuts do naturally pile up when you cut out projects and can end up languishing in a heap very quickly. You could make it a resolution to do something with them as you go so you don't get to the point where you have a battle on your hands and the scraps are winning!

We have a handy post with five projects for using your scraps. Batch cutting pockets is probably the best idea we ever had! If you are a digital pattern lover, you may find that paper builds up once you have cut your pattern pieces out. The larger bits are perfect for pattern adjustments so you can tuck them away for a rainy day.

Finally, you might find that you want to pledge to source fabrics that are more sustainably produced. There are some great articles out there to help you understand how to go about choosing fabrics that are kinder to the environment.

Five sewing resolutions for 2020

It's so easy to put your focus on whipping up one project to the next without thinking about how each one challenges you. If you would like to build up your skills, you could set a resolution to master a new sewing technique. Maybe you haven't sewn a zip fly before or feel the fear when it comes to buttonholes?

Whatever you feel your skill gap is, you can nail it with practice. We have some great video tutorials on our YouTube channel that will help guide you through a whole host of sewing techniques. If you decide to practise a skill, why not use up some of your scraps to test them out on and kill two birds with one stone!

Six skill-building videos not to miss:
Ten topstitching tips 
How to sew a zip fly
How to sew a smooth dart
How to understitch
How to stitch in the ditch
How to sew gathers

Five sewing resolutions for 2020

If you look back at the year and your sewing progress, unless you've been documenting it, it can be hard to see just how far you've come (and believe me it is far!). It is very easy to go from project to project without taking note of what you've learnt, what went well and what needs further practice.

You could set yourself a resolution to document your journey! This could be in journal form, photographing your makes to document the final result or planning ahead so you feel you have a clear strategy of what's next. You might find Tilly's post on photographing your sewing projects or sewing for your style help set you up with a few handy tips for this focus.

Five sewing resolutions for 2020

Are you someone who only sews with fabrics in your comfort zone, or are you pulled by the pretties and then left cursing a tricky fabric you have no idea how to work with? Why not set yourself the challenge of swotting up on fabrics so you can think what you haven't yet worked with and fancy giving a go? Different fabric substrates fabric will have their own unique qualities and need different preparation and methods when you are stitching, so it would be great to master them all!

We've got some blog posts with tips for working with different fabrics that will not only come in handy but also might give you some inspiration.

Sewing knits without an overlocker
Five tips for sewing with corduroy
Tips for sewing with sequins
Cutting and sewing slippery fabrics
Five tips for sewing with ponte 
Sewing clothing with quilting cotton 
Tips for sewing sweatshirt knits

Hopefully, that has given you a little food for thought and inspired you to tackle a sewing goal in 2020. Now to get to work on planning my own sewing resolutions!

Author: Louise Carmichael
Photos: Jane Looker / Fanni Williams