11 February 2013

Joining the Mathilde Blouse Bodice

The trickiest part of the Mathilde Blouse – the tucks – is now done. Hooray! Sewing the bodice will be a breeze in comparison.

But first let’s quickly talk seam finishes. Everyone has their preferred method of neatening seams so they look nice and don’t fray. Maybe you like to zigzag stitch your seams, or you’re a whizz on the overlocker, or perhaps you have a penchant for pinking shears. Your choice. May I make a suggestion? The lightweight fabrics suited to this blouse also suit French seams pretty nicely. I mention this now, because if you go with French seams you’ll be constructing the bodice in a slightly different way to “normal” sewing where you stitch right sides together with a regular seam allowance. Find out how to make them here.

Whichever method you go for, these are the bits you need to sew together next:

1) Sew the front bodice to the yoke.
2) Sew the front bodice to the back bodice pieces at the side seams.
3) Sew the shoulder seams.
4) Finish using your preferred method and press.


Need to revise basic sewing construction? Check this out.


  1. I'm with you Tilly, I cant go past a french seam on a lightweight fabric it just looks so nice and tidy! Great if you like the inside of your garment to look as nice as the outside :-)

    1. Indeed. It took me a while to try them out, I'd heard whisperings of how difficult they are. So I was pleasantly surprised to find they're actually pretty simple!

  2. I'm in love with French seams at the moment! So neat & satisfying, it's becoming my new goal to get rid of all signs of threads in my new collection so it's all tucked in & proper :)

    1. Ooh lovely, they'll make your beautiful dresses look even more dreamy. x

  3. Could you possibly do a tutorial on french seams as ive never done them before and they look so pretty and tidy? x


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