19 June 2010

Blogger meet up with Debi!

My first blogger meet up! I'm in Edinburgh for the film festival so took the opportunity to meet up with the lovely Debi from My Happy Sewing Place. I was somewhat apprehensive walking into the rendez vous (would it be awkward? would we get on?), but the nerves evaporated the second we spotted each other across the cafe and burst into fits of giggles, shrieking and pointing at Debi's dress (she wore her dress! of course I was going to spot her!), to the bemusement of the rest of the clientele.

We bought up nearly the whole of Edinburgh Fabrics. Debi picked out some lovely blue cotton for her next very exciting, top secret project. It was great to find out more about Debi (although in a way it felt like I'd known her for years). And it was so much fun talking about sewing IRL!

I spent a fortune (blame Debi) but am proud to say I can match up all the fabric I bought with patterns I've been meaning to crack open, so expect to see some new finished projects soon. And I couldn't resist these buttons (above). They made me shriek in a very high pitched voice. I won't show you all the other stuff I bought as I'm a bit embarrassed about just how much of it there is! It was all really good value though, particularly the candy striped bed sheet I found in a charity shop for £1.29 that's going to become a Summer skirt (finds like that don't exist in London).

Afterwards went to Anteaques, a gorgeous antiques-and-tea shop (can you see what they did there?) where we ate scones and drank hazelnut tea (Debi) and verbena infusion (me), surrounded by historical gems. The owner came to take our order just as we were reviewing our purchases, and it turned out that he's obsessed with fabrics too! We had a nice time chatting to him, explaining how we met each other through blogging (I felt like such a nerd), and he rummaged around under some boxes to bring out a vintage Singer machine to show us.

I had such a fantastic afternoon! Hope to see you again soon, Debi!