20 July 2010

Granny chic skirt

"You never can tell what someone is going to choose...", muttered the young and trendy lady at the till in Oxfam, as I presented my haul of grandma skirts and handed over my £3.

While in the past I've had little luck the clothing section of charity shops (thrift stores), rarely finding anything in my size, with my new sewing skills at the ready (and constant inspiration courtesy of Marisa at New Dress a Day), there's nothing holding me back - no garment can be too frumpy! At least not in the before shot...

Not even 100% polyester fabric ... at least the seams won't fray, so there's not need to finish them (my least favourite part of sewing) - hurrah! 

All I had to do to make this skirt wearable was take in the sides a little, take up the hem a lot, and Bob's your uncle. 

Isn't it pretty?

[Soundtrack: 'Peggy Day' by Bob Dylan. Today's snaps were taken in Brockwell Park's enchanting walled garden]