10 August 2010

Loire Valley skirt

I took the opportunity of the trip to the Loire Valley to take some pics of my latest finished project while I had a different backdrop - you're probably bored of seeing the walls of my flat by now! So here I am posing in my boyfriend's parents' garden...

... and this is their humble home. Just kidding of course (hoho) - this is Azay le Rideau.

Here I am posing in front of their house, blissfully ignorant of the stinging nettles that are about to get tangled up under my skirt. Yikes! The pattern is McCalls 5631 and the fabric is a medium-lightweight cotton, £3/metre from Ikea! The pattern was fairly straightforward, although the instructions weren't too clear, meaning that (coupled with my laziness at reading instructions properly) at one point I realised I'd only cut out half a skirt - oops! I didn't have quite enough fabric left to cut out the rest of the skirt, so I had to leave out a couple of pleats. But it's fine.

Here's the view from the back. I didn't even try to match up the pattern on the seam line, firstly because I didn't have enough fabric and secondly because I'm too lazy. But I don't think many people IRL will notice or care too much, so try not to dwell on it! Just to distract you from those mismatched seams (I can hear you practising your deep breathing), here are some pictures of the chickens I spent the weekend chasing...

I just wanted to be their friend!

[Soundtrack: 'L'Accordéoniste' by Edith Piaf]