29 December 2010

Handmade Christmas round up

In case you never made it over to Crafty Christmas Club (where were you?!), here's a quick round up in pictures of the things I made. 

- Handbag from Buttercup Bag pattern
- Zippered make up bags adapted from the same pattern
- Felt rose brooches made using Marie's tutorial
- Poppy beaded necklace made under instruction from my friend Anna
- Chocolate orange and hazelnut biscotti made under instruction from Anna
- Lebkuchen made using this recipe
- Felt stuck willy nilly all over wrapped prezzies - yay!

I won't say it wasn't hard work making lots of Christmas prezzies myself, and there were definitely times when I felt like jacking it in going down Pound Land, but it was definitely worth it to avoid the soul-sapping routine of racing round John Lewis ticking people's names off a list. The recipients seemed grateful that I spent time and thought hand making their gifts, although I did make the mistake of telling my brother not to examine the stitching on the baby quilt right after I'd given him a USB microscope (didn't make that myself - maybe next year). The rest of my family seemed to find it screamingly funny as he uploaded the magnified images of my wonky stitching onto the laptop, but personally I couldn't see the funny side. I threatened to sew him something next year instead of buying him a gadget as his punishment - ha! That'll teach him!

[Soundtrack: 'Breakfast in Bed' by Dusty Springfield]


  1. All your handmade gifts are gorgeous/yummy looking Tilly! I just managed a measly two this year, but I'm already vowing to be better organised next year ;o)

  2. You should be really proud of yourself Tilly, they're all gorgeous. Hhmm, your brother sounds just like my brother, I think it's their job to wind sisters up! I hope your baby niece enjoys snuggling under her quilt. x

  3. Cute buttercup bags! We just made one of those to display in our shop! I was excited that I recognized it right away!

    I was woefully lax on handmade presents this christmas!

  4. Your handmade gifts are fabulous! I especially like the handbag as a makeup bag. Where did you get your labels?

  5. Wow! You must have been crazy busy. Love the labels. I too would love to know where you got them!

  6. Hi Tilly,

    Wonderful gifts! I especially like the recreation of the buttercup bag as make-up bags, I posted a picture/link on my blog, I hope that's ok!

    The wrapping is awesome too, you can't beat brown paper x

  7. I love handmade gifts and yours are all to covet! Love your colour-themed wrapping too, and that turquoise ribbon is to die for!

  8. Thanks for your kind words! The labels were cheapo luggage tags from WH Smiths!


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