13 July 2011

Me Made Musings...

Do you tend to sew casual or fancy clothing? Things you wear on a daily basis or special outfits for special occasions?

During Me-Made-June, I joined 100 other sewing bloggers in wearing homemade clothes every day for a month. This wonderful initiative of Zoe's taught me to embrace, celebrate and showcase my self-made stitchery on a daily basis. It also taught me another valuable lesson - that I should make more practical clothing.

I've made:
- seven dresses - one casual-ish, six fancy
- six skirts
- two blouses - neither of which I wear
- one jacket
- one t-shirt
- one pair of pyjama bottoms.

Spot the difference...

When it comes to sewing, I'm attracted to pretty dresses, fancy details, bright colours and unusual prints. I like making the kind of special outfit I could wear to a wedding or a party, safe in the knowledge that no one else will be wearing the same dress, and basking in the glory of compliments on my ability to stitch some bits of fabric together, oh yes. But my life really isn't as glamorous as my self-made wardrobe might suggest - I'm living a lie! Most days I just go to the office. I like dressing up to play offices - and I say "play" offices because my office is a jeans and shirt kinda place. Some days I feel like dressing down like everyone else, and on Saturdays I always have an urge for denim and stripes (why is that?). During Me-Made-June, my denim skirt and stripey top got a LOT of wear.


So I'm going to make an effort to make more things I can wear during the week - blouses, t-shirts and (gulp) trousers. After all, clothes are meant to be worn.

How about you? Do you sew fancy clothes or everyday clothes? Do you have a favourite casual clothing pattern that you make time and time again?

[Soundtrack: 'The Letter' by Macy Gray]