10 September 2012

Chocolate Polka Dots, How I Love Thee So

"Don't you already have a blouse in that fabric?" said my fella. Certainly not. It may look the same, but I think you'll find the material consistency is quite different. As is that other roll of chocolate brown polka dot fabric waiting patiently in my stash.

I know what I like, okay?!

I've tweaked the toile almost to death and am now working on the first real version of my self-drafted pussy bow blouse. I'm really hoping I get to finish it before the lovely weather we've been having in London stops. Unlikely. But my office is like a sauna so I'll still get to wear it :)

In other news, I totally busted my fabric scissors. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how... Oh hang on, when has that ever stopped me before? Let's just say a little DIY sharpening backfired. Doh! No lectures, please. But I would be interested to know if you have any scissor preferences before I buy a replacement pair. Big heavy shears? Or lighter weight soft-grip handles? Ta!

[Soundtrack: 'Wolf' by First Aid Kit]