3 January 2014

Sewing Space Makeover Inspiration

Happy new year, my friends! I hope you've had some time to chillax over the break and are raring to go in 2014. I love the transitional time between the end of one year and the beginning of the next, and the opportunity it brings for positive change, even if the timing is kinda arbitrary. Whatevs, I'm starting the year with a nice project by planning a sewing space makeover. 

In a couple of weeks' time... [deep breath]... I'M GETTING A DEDICATED SEWING ROOM OMIGAWD AT LAST!!!! Up until now, I've been using the sitting room that I share with my flatmate as sewing room and office too, which got even crazier when I started working from home full time. It was driving me slightly nuts to have to keep clearing stuff up and moving things around, particularly when I was writing my book. Plus not having any separation between the space I was working in all day and the space where I could chillax in the evening meant that I never really felt like work was over. First world problem, I know, but not ideal. Well, due to a change in living circumstances, I'm now getting my very own room from which to work and write and make stuff. Hooray!

So now I'm going crazy on Pinterest seeking inspiration for my new space. The room is painted slate grey, so I want to brighten it up with some accent colours - I'm thinking accessories in yellow, turquoise and possibly a bit of pink. If I can get black and white spots and/or stripes in there too, then that would be marvellous. I got some pretty star shaped fairy lights as Christmas decorations which I'm thinking I might put up permanently in the office to keep me motivated when working after nightfall. Plants are also a must. An inspiration wall would be nice, somewhere I can put up encouraging words and gorgeous images. Room makeovers can get pretty costly, so I'm trying to work with what I already have as much as I can, and only get a few additional things. As nice as that £100 black and white striped rug is (see top picture), I'll go with the the £20 polka dot one for now, which isn't such a hardship!

Do you have a dedicated sewing space and, if so, how have you decorated it? Do you have any ideas for what I should do with my new studio?

[Soundtrack: 'Sweet Salvation' by The Stepkids]