30 January 2015

Now in Even More Languages!

Love at First Stitch - foreign editions

Exciting news - you'll soon be able to get hold of my book about making your own clothes in four more languages - Finnish, Danish, Czech and Swedish!

Love at First Stitch - in Finnish, Danish, Czech and Swedish

As far as I can tell (alas not being able to speak these languages), the only differences between the books are slight changes to the covers and back covers. It's interesting to see how publishers in different countries tweak them slightly to their preference and what colours and styles they think will go down well in their country.

Love at First Stitch - Pistoksissa - Finnish edition

The Finnish edition will be published on 16 February 2015...

Love at First Stitch - Danish edition

The Danish version will be available from 17 February 2015...

Love at First Stitch - Czech edition

The Czech edition will be published in early February (I'm not sure of the exact date, sorry)...

Love at First Stitch - Swedish edition

And the Swedish edition will be available from 5 March 2015.

If you know other places to buy the book in these countries, do leave a link in the comments. Thanks so much!

The book is also available in UK English, North American English, Dutch and German. And there's at least one more foreign edition in the works for later this year - I'll let you know when I know more about release dates. Still keeping my fingers crossed for French and Japanese editions!