1 April 2015

Tiny Bows Sweater

Have you seen those sweaters around recently with teeny tiny bows stitched on them? Like this Anthro one. I've been lusting after them for a while so decided to make one.

I say "make one", but all I did was sit down with a couple of episodes* of House of Cards and handstitch some pre-bought ribbon bows onto a pre-bought sweater and voila! Anthro-inspired chic. 

(*It didn't actually take two hours to make, it's just that I spent most of the time glued to the screen.)

I must admit that there was a moment once I finished that I thought I'd gone mad, that a sweater covered in bows was mad, and that only a mad person would wear it... but then I put it on and it actually looks really cute. 

So I'm wearing it :)

[Soundtrack: 'You Might Need Somebody' by Shola Ama - we've been listening to a lot of nineties R n B in the studio recently!)