16 July 2015

Come to Our Summer Sewing Instaspam Party!

Bettine dress - easy sewing pattern for beginners - Tilly and the Buttons

Wow! Thank you SO much for such an incredible response to the launch of the Bettine and Fifi sewing patterns. We have been in a frenzy of envelope stuffing and stamp sticking. It aint been glamorous but, for a small business, it sure is what we need! I am feeling super grateful right now for having your support in keeping this sewing goodies venture going and growing. Thank you thank you thank you x x x

So I've been thinking... Shall we take over the internet? Yes? Great, then you are cordially invited to our Summer Sewing Instaspam Party!

What the...?

The T+TB Summer Sewing Instaspam Party is an online gathering to celebrate Bettine and Fifi. Or more precisely - to celebrate the things that you make with them. Because it's you who bring our patterns to life with your creativity, fabric choices, design twists and enthusiasm, and if that doesn't deserve a party, I don't know what does.

This will be a great way to get sewing inspiration from what other people are making, to see how the patterns look on a diverse group of people, and to have a natter with other sewing lovers around the globe. I just love how pictures of your makes spark online conversations about sewing between strangers. And it'd be fun to spam the internet with sewing for a day.

Sounds amaze! When is it?

Sunday 9 August 2015 - all day

So you've got three and a half weeks to get your pattern, choose your fabric (we'll talk fabric suggestions in the next post) and make your dress and/or boudoir set.

On holiday? Even better! Looking forward to seeing your Bettine dress in a Center Parcs canoe or with a pina colada by the pool, or your Fifi set laid out on crisp white hotel room sheets.

How do I take part?
  1. Take an amazing photo of your finished Bettine dress or Fifi set (or both! or three of each!)
  2. Post it to Instagram or Twitter on Sunday 9 August
  3. Add the hashtags #sewing and also either #SewingBettine or #SewingFifi (depending on which you're posting)
  4. Search the hashtags to find other people who are at the party. Like their posts, leave comments, follow each other... it'll be a big love in, basically!
I'll be searching the hashtags throughout the day, and if you want to tag me, I'm @TillyButtons on both Instagram and Twitter.

Get creative with your photos - bold, bright, uncluttered images stand out the best in a sea of posts. Don't worry if you can't stand the idea of modelling your creations - you could always photograph them on a hanger or laid out nicely. And have fun with it! Party paraphernalia, cocktails, silly poses and kittens are all encouraged :)

You can post as many makes as you like, and it doesn't matter if you've already shared your finished project with the world - share it again!

Fifi sewing pattern - camisole and shorts boudoir set - Tilly and the Buttons

Ooh and there are extra treats!

Not that it's a competition (it isn't, it's just for fun), but as a little thank you for taking part, we'll (very unscientifically) select ten participants whose pictures make us squeal with glee the loudest, publish them in a roundup on the blog and send them each a sewing pattern of their choice from our shop.

You in? Be there or be square. Partaaaayyyyy!

Bettine dress - easy sewing pattern for beginners - Tilly and the Buttons


  1. What a great idea! Taking over the internet with sewing pictures is the best :D xo Sophia

    1. Awesome, looking forward to seeing you at the party!

  2. oooh! This sounds like so much fun- I can't wait to see what everyone makes :) xo erin

  3. What a great idea! I love internet sewing parties!

  4. I really really really really tried hard to resist these new patterns. I got given Arielle and Agnes for my birthday only 2 weeks ago and have loads of sewing to do there. But I love the look of Bettine, and I'm wondering about making a Fifi top to go with my Margot pyjama trousers. But please can you explain to my husband that this is a necessary purchase, not a total indulgence? (although that wouldn't be strictly true)

    1. What does he think you're going to wear with your Margot pyjamas if not the Fifi top? It's a no brainer!

  5. I bought Bettine today and have sponsor stash arriving this week so I am in. Jo x

  6. Can't resist. Think I may need to make accessories for the cats.

  7. Received my Bettine pattern on Wednesday and am waiting for my fabric to dry so I can cut into it. Another great pattern! Can't wait to get it finished and wear it for the party!

  8. Love love love that Chambray Bettine!


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