12 August 2015

Your Makes from the Summer Sewing Instaspam Party!

Thank you SO much to everyone who joined the Summer Sewing Instaspam Party on Sunday! It was awesome to see the creativity that you've brought to your Bettine dresses and Fifi camisole and shorts sets, and lovely to see makers making friends with other makers. In case you missed it, here are just a few of the gorgeous creations that were shared on Instagram that day...

First up, I'm in love with Clare's third Bettine dress, this one with watermelon print. WANT!!

Elle chose a Red Riding Hood theme fabric and set up a photo shoot to match. Amazing!

I'm a sucker for the Bettine dress in chambray - and Elena's version looks stunning on her.

Nina chose a silk she bought in Vietnam for her Fifi set. Turn on the air conditioning, this lady's looking hot!

This is Rosie's first dress - isn't it gorgeous? The drapey fabric works perfectly with the breezy style of the dress. Good work, lady!

These two Fifi sets caught my eye for their cute prints. I love the colours in Kate's fabric choice. And Miushkamiushka has made me realise how much I need ice cream print PJs in my life!

Speaking of cute prints, Sara's Bettine dress has geese on it - adorable!

Jude took the final step in the Bettine pattern instructions - "Crack open the prosecco" - literally. Good on you, girl!

Last but not least, Kyema really pushed the boat out - not only is her Fifi set absolutely gorgeous, she even made 'Sewing Fifi' bunting for the occasion. Wow!!

As a little thank you for taking part, we're going to send a sewing pattern of their choice to each of the ten people featured in this post. If you're one of them, you should hear from us soon, or you can email Laura to tell her which pattern you'd like - take a look at our sewing patterns in our shop.

There's plenty more inspiration for making the Bettine dress and Fifi set in the maker galleries on Pinterest. Huge thanks to everyone who took part for all the sewing inspiration!


  1. Looks like everyone is keeping busy. There are so many precious fabric prints in this post.

  2. Elle had to be my favourite. It made me think of Roald Dahl's Red Riding Hood. X

    1. :) I love that you love roald Dahl. Big love to you xxx

  3. Thank you Tilly towers for featuring my little red picture :) so much fun was had!! Xx

  4. So much variety from two patterns. And can you believe that bunting!

  5. These creations look wonderful!

    Stacy from www.stacyco.com

  6. They're all so lovely! I've seen many great Bettine and Fifi makes, it's becoming more and more difficult to resist buying these patterns! But I really must get through some of my sewing backlog first. Great idea to have some Prosecco on hand to finish off!


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