23 December 2015

Best of the Blog 2015

2015 is nearly over, which means this blog is nearly six years old! Time to look back over the year that was - not counting new sewing pattern releases, here are your favourite posts of 2015...

Five Tips for Accurate Sewing
Our most popular post of the year shared handy hints for when you want to sew something with a bit of extra care and precision.

How to Make a Pussy Bow Mimi Blouse
The Mimi blouse is one of the patterns included in my book, Love at First Stitch. It usually has a Chelsea collar, but in this tutorial I show you how to hack it into a bow blouse. Have you made this one yet?

Tips for Tracing Sewing Patterns
Haven't traced anything since primary school? Here are some techniques for tracing off sewing patterns so you can preserve them, resize them, hack them...

Tips for Sewing Sweatshirt Knits
Some handy pointers I learnt along the way while sewing super cosy Coco tops and dresses in sweatshirt knits. I've made five of them now! They're soooo snuggly for the Winter.

All the sewing paraphernalia can get a bit overwhelming, but you really only need a few basic tools to get started sewing. Here's what I suggest you need...

How to Sew an Exposed Zip
One of the defining features of our Orla top sewing pattern is the modern exposed zip at the back. In this post we show you how to sew an exposed zip - whether on Orla or another project of your choosing (and later how to create a neat finish on the inside with a facing).

How to Make Party Ring Pattern Weights
Inspired by my friend Lauren's love of Party Ring biscuits (they basically taste of nothing but look delightful), we made some pretty sewing pattern weights out of washers and nail polish. As you do.

How to Make an Agnes Dress
We love playing with sewing patterns, and in this tutorial I show you how to hack the super versatile Agnes top pattern to make a dress with a gathered skirt.

Tips for Cutting and Sewing Slippery Fabric
How to avoid slippery fabric slipping and sliding all over your cutting table and sewing machine! You are welcome.

I Made a Bra
At the beginning of the year I took a lingerie class at Morley College and made my first bra. A bra!

How to Make a Fifi Eye Mask
We couldn't resist making an eye mask to match the Fifi camisole and shorts set. And then sharing the pattern with you for freeeee!

Tips for Speedy Sewing
Sewing accurately is all well and good, but sometimes you just wanna get on with it! Here are some killer tips for when you want to sew FAST.

Tips for Making a Jersey Bettine Dress
The Bettine dress was our most popular sewing pattern last year. In this post I shared some things to bear in mind if you want to make it in jersey... ie. to make the most comfortable and wearable dress in the world :)

Thank you soooo much for reading the blog this year. While the quick fix of Instagram is becoming more and more luring (believe me, we love it too), it's great to know that there's still an audience for longer form pieces :) Long may it continue.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

PS. And in case that's not enough of a sewing blog fix for you, here's the Best of the Blog 2014!