16 February 2016

Two New Online Sewing Workshops!

Always fancied coming to one of our sewing workshop but couldn't make the date or travel to London? After numerous requests, we've created two new online video workshops!

This workshop will get you feeling comfortable and confident with your machine - whether you've never touched a sewing machine before or feel you need a refresher.

What you'll learn:

  • Get to know the main parts of the sewing machine - we'll cover both mechanical and digital models
  • How to set up your machine, change the needle and attach the presser foot
  • Change the stitch type, length, speed and tension, and sew backwards
  • How to thread your machine up properly – both front-loading or top-loading models
  • Techniques for sewing straight lines, curves, corners and seams
  • How to make an easy scarf project, from cutting and pinning the fabric to pressing the seams
  • How to fix mistakes and avoid them in future so you can get on with your sewing
  • Diagnose and solve common sewing machine issues, such as jams, knots and uneven stitching
  • Questions to ask yourself when choosing a sewing machine
  • Essential tools you'll need to start sewing
  • Clean the inside of your machine to keep it in tip top condition

Make Friends with a Sewing Machine is based on the popular class we teach in London, with bonus content such as troubleshooting common issues and taking care of your machine.

Our follow on workshop teaches you the essentials of clothes-making. It's not just the theory - you'll learn lots of skills while making your own easy skirts. This class is perfect for you if you can use a sewing machine and want some help to start sewing your own clothes.

You will learn to:

  • Start using sewing patterns and understand their markings
  • Take your measurements and choose your size
  • Mark and cut fabric accurately, without messing up the pattern
  • Pin and stitch seams to construct a skirt
  • Insert an easy-to-fit elasticated waistband
  • Neaten seams using zigzag stitch
  • Hem a straight skirt and flared skirt - two different methods
  • Create turnover top pockets, which you can add to a multitude of projects
  • Make DIY belt loops
  • Sew an elegant sash to tie around your waist

You'll also get a free PDF version of our brand new Dominique sewing pattern - more on that to follow!

Our gorgeous new workshops website lets you watch the video lessons from your laptop, tablet or phone, whenever you're in the mood, with no deadlines. Your sofa = your classroom!

Another great thing about online workshops is that they're a fraction of the price of attending a face-to-face class.

PS. Already know how to sew? Perhaps you'd be so kind to tell a wannabe stitcher friend about the workshops. If these ones prove popular, we'd love to create more advanced classes in the future. (Have you seen our other online class, Learn to Sew Jersey Tops?)

Thank you so much for your support! xxx