13 September 2017

Perfect Coco Fabric is Here!

Perfect Coco Fabric is here!

It's no secret here at Tilly Towers that we have been on a quest for perfect, soft, snuggly ponte fabric with which to make our popular Coco sewing pattern. Coco requires a medium weight knit fabric with very little stretch. You wouldn't want anything too thin, or with a huge amount of stretch, as you want your finished creation to hold its shape, rather than cling to you.

Perfect Coco Fabric is here!

Team Tilly is also MASSIVELY stripe obsessed (I write this whilst sporting one of many Breton tops!), and we're not alone in our stripe love! We've seen so many gorgeous Coco dresses and tops stitched up in the perennially chic stripe, but kept hearing from you lovely sewists that finding a good quality, knitted ponte was proving a challenge...

Perfect Coco Fabric is here!

...and then Tilly had a brainwave - let's create our own! Et voilà, you see before you the fruits of our labour. Wanting nothing but the best, we designed and commissioned this limited run of Hello Sailor! Navy Stripes on White and Hello Sailor! Red Stripes on White fabric in gorgeously heavy cotton interlock, and the stripes are actually knitted as part of the fabric, rather than just being printed on - so there's no fear of them rubbing off, or quickly fading away!

Perfect Coco Fabric is here!

This fabric is absolutely perfect for stitching yourself up a Coco top or dress, but is also ideal for any sewing pattern which calls for an interlock or ponte. It is a dream to handle, and is incredibly soft and snuggly - perfect for us here in the Northern Hemisphere, where there is a distinct chill in the air...

Snap yours up before it goes, and don't forget to tag your creations on Instagram with #SewingCoco (if your gorgeous fabric is destined to become a Coco!). Can't wait to see what you make!

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  1. Omigosh, this is gorgeous! And how lovely that it id made in the UK. Off to decide on yardage right now ...


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