15 May 2019

Your Makes - Love at First Stitch Five Year Anniversary Special!

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch

You may have seen Tilly’s first book Love at First Stitch has just had its fifth birthday - wowee time truly does fly! It’s Jenny here using this opportunity to celebrate the wonderful Love at First Stitch me-mades we’ve seen over the years. Nearly every day we find ourselves oohing and aahing over them and these are just a few of the goodies out there :)

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - Claire. Top right - Pamela. Bottom left - Johanna. Bottom right - @sharpneedles

The first project in the book is the easy-peasy Brigitte scarf. If you're new to using a sewing machine this is the place to start. Simple and speedy, this chic scarf will add the finishing touch to your outfit - just like Claire's mustard floral Brigitte. So seventies! Pamela is giving us nautical chic with her navy and red birds, and we love it.

Ohemgee Johanna, is this high-fashion polka dot scarf?! because *heart eyes*. We love how @sharpneedles (on Insta) has styled her Brigitte scarf, the bow looks lovely and so 1920s.

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - Abi. Top right - Kate Eva. Bottom right - Miranda. Bottom left - @oksenpaaholmen.

The Margot pyjamas make a perfect first garment project - easy to sew, easy to fit and no tricky fastenings (yaaas!). You know you're onto a winner when your fluffy slippers perfectly accompany your Margot pyjama bottoms. Abi has nailed her handmade PJs and now we all want fluffy slippers to go with ours too! I couldn't *not* include the queen of florals that is Kate Eva and it's only right her Margot pyjamas should be floral too.

If you know us, you know we love a hack. Not only has Miranda combined her Margot pyjamas with the Marigold trousers, she has actually invented the ultimate secret pyjamas. We also LOVE this orange and yellow floral print and the cropped length that @oksenpaaholmen has used for her Margot pyjamas.

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - @ateliercarmesi. Top right - Sam. Bottom right - Daniela. Bottom centre - Betty. Bottom left - Hannah.

The next pattern in Love at First Stitch is the Delphine skirt - a perfectly versatile addition to your handmade wardrobe. The lovely touch of the contrast buttons and pop of yellow on @ateliercarmesi's skirt is magical. Lemons will always have a place in our hearts and Sam's Delphine has secured its place there too!

How gorgeous is Daniela's classic blue Delphine skirt? She added belt loops and a matching belt for a completely unique me-made garment. Betty's high-waisted denim Delphine skirt with red buttons is a dream addition to any wardrobe. And let's talk about this multicoloured rainbow sensation from Hannah. What a delight!

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - Melinda. Top right - @frithalouise. Bottom right - Rinkie. Bottom left - Lorna.

The Megan dress with its high waistline bodice and elegantly shaped darts is super flattering, highlighting and skimming the right places. Melinda's sleeveless version is a checkerboard dream. We're still freaking out about this flamingo print Kate Spade inspired Megan dress by @frithalouise.

Thinking of a classic dress to add your handmade wardrobe? Rinkie has nailed her pastel blue Megan (also I can't not mention that gorgeous wallpaper!). On the other end of the fabric spectrum is this dazzling gold sequin Megan dress by Lorna - what a showstopper!

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - Jessica. Top centre - Constance. Top right - Rachel. Bottom right - Chantelle. Bottom left - Stephanie.

The Clemence gathered skirt is one of those great 'blank canvas' garments that will show off a fabric really well. Jessica took her gorgeous gingham Clemence to Paris, just love it with the matching bow belt. It has pockets! Constance added front pockets to her Clemence - the more pockets the better in our eyes. Polka dots are a staple, and this Clemence made by Rachel is a winner.

This is what we mean when we say the Clemence skirt will show off a fabric well - Chantelle's nautical Clemence skirt is stunning. Wowee, this Clemence by Stephanie is giving us serious yellow and orange envy - we love these colours together.

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - Sylvia. Top right - @thegatheringstudio.
Bottom right - Harriet. Bottom centre - Anisa.  Bottom left - Jaclyn. 

The super cute Mimi blouse will take your skills up a notch, with its Chelsea collar, gathered yoke and pleated sleeve hems. Sylvia's recreation of one of the pictures from Love at First Stitch with the bubblegum is brilliant! I just love the colours @thegatheringstudio used for their Mimi blouse - such a delight for the eyes. Speaking of a delight for the eyes, how cool is Harriet's cat heart eyes print on her fabric?! We're in love.

Anisa's Mimi blouse is so chic in that dragonfly fabric - it will pair really well with so many garments. Jaclyn's fruity Mimi blouse is swoon-worthy. I never thought black and white pineapples could be so delicious.

Your Makes - Love At First Stitch
Top left - Hannelore. Top right - Noelle. Bottom right - Steph. Bottom left - Anja. 

The final project in the book is the gorgeous Lilou dress, a party dress with lined bodice and pleated skirt. We love how Hannelore has layered her gingham Lilou over a rollneck - so chic! Noelle has used such a lovely print for her Lilou, we could imagine this as the perfect party dress.

Steph's Lilou is completely majestic, I love the busy and colourful print on the fabric and the scalloped neckline she chose. It's really special to see such an elegant Lilou dress like Anja's, can totally see this as the dream guest outfit to a beach wedding.

Wow, that was tough selecting only a handful of your makes to show! If you want to peruse some more Love at First Stitch goodies, check out our Pinterest board. And if you haven't got your copy yet, grab it from our shop.

Make sure to show us your Love at First Stitch makes by tagging us and using the hashtag #LoveAtFirstStitch.