11 September 2020

Inspiration and Fabrics for Making Lotta

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta

Have you got Lotta on your sewing list yet? This swishy dress is beginner-friendly and requires minimal fit adjustments so you can get on with the fun part of choosing material for your perfect make!

The Lotta dress can be made up in woven AND knit fabrics, which opens up so many opportunities. Lotta is not just versatile with the fabrics you can make it in, you'll also find this chameleon transforms with your choice. You can make an everyday Lotta in comfy plain jersey, sew one for the weekend in a fun animal print, channel the season with an autumnal floral, or even go for a party Lotta dress in stretch velvet! 

Once you have made one, you will be sure to fill your wardrobe with this sewing pattern that ticks all the boxes. So, with that in mind, I have gathered a few fabric and inspo suggestions together focusing on some of the most popular trends in the sewing community at the moment. Animal print, florals and autumnal hues are all popping up on our IG feed. 

If you are a complete beginner, you might want to start with a more stable fabric like cotton lawn or chambray as it won't shift around too much when you're sewing. More experienced stitchers can make Lotta in a drapey jersey, stretch velvet or lightweight French terry.

We have not seen these gorgeous fabrics up close, so it's worth requesting a sample from the lovely independent fabrics shops we have been window shopping at.

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
*AD/GIFTED FABRIC* Did you love the Lotta on our pattern cover? This splodge style print is really modern and cool and gives some interest without dominating your outfit. We had this gorgeous Flint peachskin in teal gifted to us from Fabric Godmother to make up the cover sample. You can also find it in a black colourway which would make a great base for a statement necklace to finish off the look.

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta

We are SO excited about the Lotta dress working for both woven and knit fabrics as it is something we are often asked about. If you are planning on making a Lotta dress in a knit fabric you want to look out for something with drape to it so you can swish, swish, swish your skirt!

Why not choose one of the Tilly and the Buttons x Craft Cotton Co. organic cotton jerseys? Tilly picked one of her favourites from the collection for the Lotta sample - the Love Your Nails design. It has just the right amount of drape for Lotta and the prints are very cute. Unfortunately, we have sold out of the fabric on our own shop, but you can find the collection in a number of haberdasheries.

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
Fabrics: 1. Viscose / rayon / 2. Viscose / 3. Viscose twill / 4. Double gauze / 5. Viscose twill / 6. Viscose
Images clockwise L-R: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - Lotta dress
Ask any stitcher if they have some animal print in their me-made wardrobe and the answer is very likely to be a big YES! One of the Lotta samples was made in a stunning leopard print so I think you can see it is the perfect pattern to release your wild side and add a fun print into your wardrobe.

Fabric no.1 is sooooo close to getting added to my cart! It's really modern speckled print on a cinnamon coloured base so, if you aren't too keen on a bold animal print, this one is for you! Fabric no.3 is the same vibe, a monochromatic viscose twill that proves you can add some print into your me-made wardrobe in a really understated way.

Fabric no.2 looks like a brilliant option if you fancy adding a leopard print dress to your collection. It's got all the drape you need and comes in two colourways. I also can't go without mentioning the double gauze of dreams - fabric no.4! The print looks scribbled onto this mustard base which is a favourite with our customers. Haven't sewn with double gauze fabric before? Check out this how to sew with double gauze video packed with Tilly's tips before you get cutting! 

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
Fabrics: 1. Cotton double gauze / 2. Viscose linen blend / 3. Double gauze / 4. Rayon / 5. Viscose linen blend / 6. Viscose crepe / 7. Viscose challis
Images clockwise L-R: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons. The leaves start turning all these wonderful rich colours - which this collection of fabrics is inspired by! Lotta is a transitional pattern that can be made with bracelet-length sleeves and a midi-length skirt to keep you cosy. 

I am dotty over dots and no.1 and no.7 - a cosy double gauze and floaty viscose fabric, are in the perfect autumnal hues. I think they would make a lovely Lotta that you could wear with toasty woolly tights and a chunky cardi when the temperature drops. Fabric no.2 is one of my favourite shades of red, so rich but not purpley. It definitely makes me think of crisp autumn days. It is a linen and viscose blend which gives you the gorgeous drape of viscose and crispness of linen all in one package.

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
Fabrics: 1. Viscose / rayon / 2. Liberty jersey / 3. Cotton double gauze / 4. Viscose jersey / 5. Modal jersey / 6. Viscose jersey / 7. Viscose
Images clockwise L-R: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

You can never have too many florals in your handmade wardrobe, can you? I hunted down some gorgeous autumn florals that will look lovely with any cosy layer you need to pop on as the weather gets colder. You could even pop something like a Freya roll-neck (in the Stretch! book) underneath a Lotta dress for extra warmth.

I am a sucker for bottle green shades, so fabric no.7 is one of my favourites. It's a viscose fabric with sweet flowers floating all the way down it. I also really love fabrics no.4 and no.6, they are viscose jerseys that have the drape Lotta needs, with the comfort that wearing knits gives you. Tick and tick!

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
Fabrics: 1. Modal, bamboo, viscose & lyocell twill blend / 2. Cotton chambray / 3. Black linen viscose / 4. Sanded twill with Tencel fibres / 5. Viscose linen blend / 6. Sanded Tencel twill
Images clockwise L-R: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Ever look in your me-made wardrobe and wonder where all the basics are? Yup, I've been there! I'm pulled towards all the shiny colours and prints in the fabric shop, so end up with lots of things that might not work together. Why not make a basic Lotta dress that provides simple elegance to your DIY style?

A simple navy like no.1 is very classic and chic, and a linen viscose like the black fabric in no.3 will give you a bit of body to the skirt like the image in the centre. Chambray is always a great fabric to pick as the colour can work for all seasons and it looks nice when you layer it. Fabric no.2 looks like a great mid-denim blue shade.

If you want to give your Lotta a casual feel, you could hunt down a khaki lightweight French terry and recreate the look in the picture on the bottom right. It totally changes the look of Lotta and that's what I love most about this pattern!

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
Fabrics: 1. Liberty Tana lawn / 2. Jersey with Tencel modal fibres / 3. Linen cotton blend / 4. Cotton check seersucker / 5. Linen viscose / 6. Rainbow embroidered cotton lawn
Images clockwise L-R: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - Lotta dress
Summer usually means light airy fabrics take centre stage, bright colours and prints reflect the sunshine on our mind! If you are sewing a summer Lotta, you could go for the boldest, brightest print that is sure to bring a smile to your face and others. I love fabric no.3, a linen-cotton blend that will be cool to wear in the heat and the print is just so striking.

Cotton lawn is a lovely silky fabric to sew with and I have never spotted one with such beautiful embroidery on it. The rainbow threads give it such a lovely detail. You can't go wrong with a classic stripe or check in the summer, so fabrics no.3 and no.4 will make a dress that never goes out of style. 

Inspiration and fabrics for making Lotta
Fabrics: 1. French terry / 2. Sweat jersey / 3. Jersey / 4. TATB jersey / 5. Sweat jersey / 6. Jersey / 7. TATB jersey
If you LOVE bold, fun jersey prints as much as we do, this little lot might be your pick of the bunch! A French terry like fabric no.1 could make a really snuggly Lotta dress for the cooler months, or you could choose a lemon print like no.6 for a short-sleeved summery Lotta dress. Tilly loves the idea of a Lotta dress made up in fabric no. 7, the TATB allsorts multi jersey. It's bright, modern and fun!

I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to make your first Lotta dress of many! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @TillyButtons and use the hashtag #SewingLotta so we can see what you've made! 

If you don't have the Lotta sewing pattern you can grab it here. Want to start making your own clothes? Done some sewing in the past but need a refresher? Why not book a place onto our Lotta easy dress online workshop with Tilly? You will learn all the tips and tricks you need to make the Lotta pattern and kickstart your sewing obsession!


Author: Louise Carmichael