17 March 2021

Sleepwear Sewing Projects for Golden Slumbers

Sleepwear sewing patterns for golden slumbers by Tilly and the Buttons

There's nothing better than pulling on a fresh pair of PJs ready for a good night's sleep, is there? Actually, there is... pulling on a fresh pair of me-made pyjamas makes that feeling even better! 

It's World Sleep Day on the 19th of March, and the theme for 2021 is "Regular Sleep, Healthy Future". Comfy sleepwear that signifies bedtime and slowing down can really help your body feel it's time to rest.

If you've never made your own pyjamas, it's time to change that! We have some sleepwear sewing patterns that are not just cute and comfy, they are easy to sew - with no fiddly fastenings so you can whip up multiple pairs. You can have so much fun with patterns, prints and colour combinations because you aren't going to be leaving the house in them (I always edge towards cat or food print fabrics myself!).

Pyjama bottoms are also a great first sewing project for beginners as they are often secured with elastic or a drawstring, so require minimal fitting. 

We also have a couple of must-have sleepwear accessories that will complete your me-made sleepwear capsule. So, without further ado, onto the projects...

Jaimie pyjamas easy sewing pattern by Tilly and the Buttons
Jaimie pyjamas - in sizes UK 4-34 (US 0-30 / EUR 32-62) - choice of TWO size bands

The Jaimie pyjama bottoms and shorts are a perfect entry project to kickstart your sewing journey. They are simple to sew and come with a sewalong video on YouTube so you can watch each step and feel like you are sitting in a class, but one that you can rewind and pause as you need.

Jaimie pyjamas easy sewing pattern by Tilly and the Buttons

You can make Jaimie as super-comfy elasticated full-length bottoms, with an optional drawstring, or as cute boyfriend shorts that are perfect for the warmer months. If you are an experienced sewer, you can whip up multiple pairs in an afternoon to fill the PJ gaps in your me-made wardrobe.

Oh, and one more thing... all sizes the shorts can be made out of 1.1 METRES of fabric, so they are a great project for using up small bits of fabric or remnants you have leftover from other projects - yasss!

Joe pyjamas easy sewing pattern by Tilly and the Buttons
Joe pyjamas - in men's size 28-46

Have you heard Jaimie has a brother? The Joe pyjamas have a longer and straighter menswear fit and can be sewn as full-length bottoms or above-the-knee shorts. They are as easy-peasy to sew as Jaimie is - yippee! 

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Juno pyjamas sewing pattern from Make It Simple by Tilly Walnes
Juno pyjamas from Make It Simple - in sizes UK 6-24 (US 2-20 / EUR 34-52)

The Juno pyjamas are a firm favourite with Make It Simple readers. The set is made up of the Tabitha T-shirt, which is not too tight, and not too loose, and the legging-style Juno bottoms. This duo is as comfy as they are cute, made from stretchy jersey fabrics that will feel so soft against your skin as you settle in for golden slumbers.

Juno is just one of the lovely patterns included in Make It Simple that can be whipped up in an afternoon, leaving plenty of time for slumber parties that begin at 6pm... don't forget the snacks!

Juno pyjamas sewing pattern from Make It Simple by Tilly Walnes

You could also have fun embellishing your Juno PJs like Tilly did in Make It Simple.

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Juno pyjamas sewing pattern from Make It Simple by Tilly Walnes

Why not complete your PJ look with the cat eye mask included in the book? This quick, mini-project doubles up as a lovely gift idea... maybe for your slumber party squad?

Fifi pyjamas sewing pattern by Tilly and the Buttons
Fifi pyjamas - in sizes UK 6-20 (US 2-16 / EUR 34-48)

Want to sew something more delicate? What about the pretty boudoir Fifi pyjamas set? This delightful set is one of Tilly's favourite patterns for lots of reasons - one of them being, they look as pretty on the inside as they do outside thanks to the French seams.

A treat for stitchers looking to advance their skills, the instructions will walk you through techniques for sewing bias cut fabric, creating binding and finishing the insides with impressive French seams.

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Fifi eye mask FREE sewing pattern by Tilly and the Buttons

Have trouble with light disturbing you at bedtime? Get a peaceful nights sleep with a coordinating Fifi eyemask, which is one of our FREE sewing patterns! It makes a sweet present for someone special, or a nice little gift for yourself. Why not make it even more luxurious with a lavender pillow mist? I'm feeling sleepy just thinking about it!

Margot pyjamas from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes
Margot pyjama bottoms from Love at First Stitch - in sizes UK 6-20 (US 2-16 / EUR 34-48)

Tilly's first book, Love at First Stitch, is a wonderful introduction to dressmaking. It's packed full of projects that grow in difficulty while building your sewing skills.

The first garment you make in the book is a goodie. The Margot pyjama bottoms are cute, comfy and easy to sew. They are fastened with a drawstring at the waist, which can be made from contrasting fabric or ribbon - adding to the opportunities to play designer and make them to your exacting specifications!

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Stella hoody and jogger sewing pattern from Stretch! by Tilly Walnes
Stella hoody and joggers from Stretch! - in sizes UK 6-20 (US 2-16 / EUR 34-48)

Ok, so this might not be a pyjamas suggestion, strictly speaking... What about sewing your own snuggly loungewear set? One of the first things I do when I get home is to throw on a comfy loungewear set - for stage one of approaching sleep.

You could sew your own lovely loungewear with the Stella hoody and joggers pattern from Tilly's book Stretch!. They work really well with super-soft sweatshirt fabric that you will basically never want to take off!

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FREE slipper boot sewing pattern by Tilly and the Buttons

No pyjama ensemble is complete without a pretty pair of slippers. Did you know you could make your own and we have a FREE pattern to make snuggly slipper boots? I'll stop talking while you scoot over to the link - you're welcome :)

Frankie baseball T-shirt from Stretch! by Tilly and the Buttons
Frankie baseball T-shirt from the Stretch! book

As some of the patterns we've spoken about are bottoms, you might want to complete the look with a me-made PJ top, so here are some options:

  • Nora T-shirt with narrow neckband would be lovely (with three sleeve length options) 
  • Tabitha T-shirt from the Make It Simple book (with three sleeve length options) 
  • Frankie baseball T-shirt from the Stretch! book - (with three sleeve length options)
  • Coco top would be great with the boat neckline (with two sleeve length options)
  • Agnes jersey top is perfect if you prefer close-fitting tops (with two sleeve length options)
  • Billie sweatshirt - for an ultra-snuggly set in the colder months
  • Stevie top would work with the button-loop closure if you'd prefer a woven option
If you want to complete the full sleepwear set, you could lengthen the Nora cardigan add-on pattern, add belt loops and a belt and you've got a snuggly dressing gown! Just make sure to grade out to your hip measurement with a bit of extra ease so it closes!

Anyone else feeling sleepy now? Better get sewing some PJs, hadn't we?! Shop the sleepwear sewing patterns here!


Author: Louise Carmichael

Tilly's sewing books - Make It Simple, Stretch! and Love at First Stitch are published by Quadrille (Hardie Grant) with photographs by Ellie Smith, props and styling for Make It Simple by Clare Nicolson

Sewing pattern images by Jane Looker and Fanni Williams