15 March 2024

How to Sew Welt Pockets

How to sew welt pockets

Welt pockets look neat, chic and impressive - as well as being functional, of course! They have a reputation for being a bit tricky to sew, but take your time and you will be amazed at the finished result. 

Welt pockets are an optional feature on the Tilly and the Buttons Thea trousers sewing pattern. The pattern instructions take you through each step with annotated photos. As we know some of you prefer to see sewing in motion, we've created a video to show you the process of making the welt pockets too.

Hand inserted into welt pocket

What are welt pockets?

Welt pockets (sometimes known as "jetted pockets") are sleek internal pockets created by cutting though the fabric of a garment. You often see them on tailored trousers, skirts, jackets or coats. 

Pulling out corners on a welt pocket with tweezers

How do you sew a welt pocket?

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to sew a welt pocket.

Remember, we are demonstrating on the Thea trousers pattern - if you're using a different pattern, the piece names and markings may be a bit different, but you should be able to use the same technique.

Back view of welt pockets on hot pink trousers

Et voila! That’s how you sew a welt pocket. I hope this tutorial has made you feel confident about sewing one yourself.

If you're making the Thea trousers, do share with us on socials @TillyButtons with the hashtag #SewingThea so we can see your beautiful work!

How to sew welt pockets

Author: Nikki Hoar
Video: Jane Looker