Zadie sewing pattern - Tilly and the Buttons
Zadie sewing pattern - Tilly and the Buttons

Throw on your Zadie dress for comfort and style at work or play. This dress is designed for stretch knit fabrics, and has striking diagonal seams, concealing lovely (and practical!) in-seam pockets. The fitted bodice has a flattering empire waistline and round neckline finished with a neckband. It flares out into a feminine, knee-length semi-pleated skirt that’s great for swishing. Choose from cap, three-quarter or full length raglan sleeves.

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Meet the Zadie sewing pattern
Design your dress with the Zadie colouring sheets
Five tips for making a colour blocked dress
Choosing your size and fitting your Zadie dress
Stabilising seams and making the darts
Making the front dress
Making the back dress
Attaching the sleeves
Attaching the neckband
Sewing the side seams and hem


  1. Hi, I just received my Zadie dress pattern. How may I sign up for the Sewalong? I can't wait--this dress is soo cute & looks comfortable, too! Gayle

    1. Hi Gayle,

      It's so great to hear that you're excited about #sewingZadie! As you've got your pattern, you're all set for the sew along. We'll be covering construction next week, so it's a good idea to have your fabric washed and your pieces cut ready for this. You can have a look at our fitting post for help with getting the best fit (link above), and if you need any help with sewing knits, our Learn to Sew Jersey Tops online course is a great place to learn!

      Happy stitching! x

  2. Hello! Is this pattern "pregnancy-compatible"? Its empire waistline and its pleated skirt let me think that it is: in this case I'm in for the Sewalong! Lilynoa

    1. Hi Lilynoa - I think this would make a fab pregnancy dress! If needed the bodice can easily be shortened a little bit too so the seam sits just above your bump, probably not necessary though. And yes cosy ponte and a full skirt = room for a large lunch or baby! You can find the fitting post here -

      Happy Sewing :)

    2. I've cut out the pattern and altered the pieces for exactly the same reason! I've shortened the bodice by 4cm and lengthened the skirt by 4cm. I now just need to cut everything out, then I can get going!


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