24 June 2016

Sewing Marigold: Fitting the Bodice

Fitting the Marigold jumpsuit - Tilly and the Buttons

Sewing the Marigold jumpsuit? In the previous post we looked at some adjustments you can make to the trousers to get a bespoke fit. If you’re making the jumpsuit version, now we're going to shift our attention to the bodice.

Like with the trousers, don't be daunted by all these steps. You may not need to make any of these changes at all, or just one or two. It's a good idea to consider your first version a "wearable toile", in other words, understand that you might need to tweak the second one if you find any areas don't quite fit your body as you'd like.

In any case, this pattern shouldn't be over-fitted - don’t be tempted to make the bodice too tight. It’s designed to have a fairly loose, blousy style. Once the facing goes in it will feel snugger against your upper chest, and you'll need the extra length at the waist - particularly at the back - so you don't get a wedgie when you sit down in the jumpsuit!

Sewing Marigold: Fitting the Trousers

Fitting Tips for the Marigold Trousers - Tilly and the Buttons
Summer is here and we’re pining to get our Marigold trousers and jumpsuits off the pattern paper and into the park! 

It’s Vanessa here today to share some simple trouser pattern alterations to help you get a bespoke fit. While trousers have a reputation for being difficult to fit to different figures, thankfully Marigold’s casual, breezy style makes them easier than most. Hooray! The following alterations are by no means necessary - you may need no alterations at all, or just one or two tweaks. But if something’s not quite working with your first pair, it might be worth working through this post and see if any of it could apply to you.

22 June 2016

Your Makes!

Hello! Lexy here, with another roundup of what you've been sewing over the past few months.  We've been totally spoiled for choice after Me Made May, so here's a selection of some of our faves!

20 June 2016

My Marigold Jumpsuit

Marigold jumpsuit - sewing pattern from Tilly and the ButtonsMarigold jumpsuit - sewing pattern from Tilly and the Buttons
It's all settled - this is the outfit I'm living in this Summer!

I sewed this Marigold jumpsuit in a lovely viscose bought from Sew Over It (now out of stock, but they do have a cracking selection of other viscoses). And then made my long-suffering fella take a million photos while we were on holiday to the Amalfi Coast before he was rewarded with a limoncello ice cream. We found this wall is in pretty Atrani, five minutes walk from Amalfi itself.