1 October 2010

Part 2: My family on film... in 1933!

I'm glad lots of you liked seeing my family's home movies from 1933 (previous post here if you missed it). Here are some more clips...

This is my Nana's cousin's home in Cardiff. We think the old lady in the window is my great-great-grandmother. The man with the bowler hat doesn't seem to have got his head round the fact that it's a moving picture, not a photograph, and seems to be telling the children off for moving! The elegant young lady holding baby Joan's hand is my Nana Eileen. I can't get over her outfit!

Down at the dog track!

Playing in the garden. The lady with the blonde pincurls is my great-great-auntie Esther. The lady with the dark hair, who's name is Nancy, has the most amazing dress with those bows on it. I'm sure I've seen a (repro?) sewing pattern that looks very similar - any clues? Not sure who the frolicking couple at the end of the clip are, but they look like a hoot!

The film then jumps ahead to after the war, to what we think is about 1949 in Bournemouth. Clips to follow!


  1. Tilly, you know you're going to HAVE to make a version of that dress, right? I mean, you do know that? Brilliant!

  2. LOVE them! I know I've seen a pattern like that dress before...hmmmm....I'll keep my eyes out for it! :-)

  3. What wonderful treasures to find! Sorry I can't help ID the dress pattern but I agree about how incredible your nana looked at just 14, a true young lady. I suppose at this time most young women went to work around 14 to 16 yo. My mom left school at 14 and became a secretary, she says what was there for her to learn there?

    Lovin the hairstyles as well as the clothes! Good luck with finding your pattern.

  4. Hello again, I just happened across this on ebay and although its a blouse, the yoke reminded me of your 30s dress sans bows! Its not identical but it made me wonder if the pattern you saw might possibly have come from a later era?

    Have you tried So Vintage Patterns? I think it is about the most comprehensive catalogue out there!

  5. Thanks for the moral support Tilly, I've felt dreadful walking past by sewing machines and fabric each day and not being able to muster any enthusiasm to touch them! So glad that phase has passed :-)

    My internet window-shopping for eye-candy has also turned up these:
    and a tiny girl's version like your dress: http://vintagepatterns.wikia.com/wiki/Superior_181 How cute is that?!

    I know how frustrating it is when you've seen a pattern and can't find it again. I have a lovely vintage 70s homemade dress and I KNOW I have seen the pattern for it somewhere recently, but I have yet to find it again!

  6. Your Nana Eileen was one styling lady. And I love the third clip, with your family running around randomly hitting each other with that stick! Sounds like my family!


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