5 April 2013

Miette: Construct the Waistband

Miette skirt sewalong - Sew the waistband
Making the Miette wrap skirt? In this post I'm going to show you how to construct the waistband.

Catching up? Order your pattern and check out the previous steps.

You should have cut six waistband pieces. Three of these will form the waistband on the outside of the skirt, the other three will form the facing on the inside of the skirt. You should also have four waist tie pieces.

Miette skirt sewalong - Sew the waistband

Apply interfacing to the wrong side of the three waistband pieces. Place the glue side (the rough side) face down on the wrong side of the waistband pieces and hold a hot, dry iron on top for a few seconds to fuse them together. Leave the three facing pieces as they are.

Pin the three (interfaced) waistband pieces together at the side seams to form one long strip. Stitch the left side seam only.

Miette skirt sewalong - Sew the waistband

On the right side seam, stitch the side seams leaving the a 2cm (3/4in) gap between the dots you marked at the cutting stage (check the pattern if you missed this bit!). This gap is so we can pass the waist tie through the waistband to do the skirt up. Stitch from the top edge to the upper dot and back tack (sew backwards one or two stitches); then stitch from the bottom edge to the lower dot and back tack.

It’s important to back tack securely as, when you wear the skirt, this seam will come under a bit of strain each time you pass the waist tie through the hole. You may even want to stitch two rows on top of each other to reinforce the seam, just to be on the safe side.
Your waistband should now look like the diagram above.

Miette skirt sewalong - Sew the waistband

Repeat the previous two on the (non-interfaced) facing pieces, making sure that the gap in the facing seam is the same size and position as the gap in the waistband seam.

Miette skirt sewalong - Sew the waistband
Pin one waist tie to each end of the waistband, right sides together. Stitch. Pin one waist tie to each end of the facing, right sides together. Stitch. The waistband and facing should now comprise five sections each.

Trim all the seam allowances you've just sewn and press them open, on both wrong and right sides.

Good work! Next step is to attach the waistband to the skirt...


  1. Beautifully explained Tilly! Waistbands can be the break of any project!

    Much love,

    Bundana @

  2. I'm so excited to start mine! Thank you SO much! I can tell you worked really hard on making this easy for beginners. I'm also new to your blog so I wanted to say hi. I love the way you write because it makes my inner voice have an accent when I read your entries :D

  3. I just don't have the time for alot of dressmaking at the moment so I'm not able to follow your sew along. BUT I did watch you on the sewing bee and felt really proud as I have been following your blog for some time. I also read your previous statement about dressmaking and I just wanted to say 'thank you'

  4. I have been following your blog for a few months now and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed watching you in The Sewing Bee. I am spending my holidays making three pairs of full length curtains and itching to get on with something for me! Well done Tilly and I wished I lived closer to join your pub sewing bee...can't think of anything better than needle and thread and a glass of rose with friends! xx

  5. Hi Tilly,

    I so love this skirt and intend in making one in every colour! I'm a very beginer sewer so excuse me if I'm missing something lol! Do you join the back seam? I can't work it out if you just hem it xx

    1. Thank you! No, each back opening is hemmed and the panels overlap.


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