9 April 2013

Souvenir Blouse

Look, I made myself a souvenir! When I left the show, Claudia tried to stuff an overlocker into my bag, but I assured her some leftover fabric would do just fine. I whipped up a blouse for myself similar to the one I made for my model (yup, whipped - I can speed sew now!). Some of you may have recognised the pattern I was using on the show as similar to the Mathilde Blouse - it was actually an early incarnation of what was to become the pattern I published earlier this year (with a few slight differences in shape, size, sleeves etc). The version I made for my model had red fabric-covered buttons, but for mine I went for yellow for a change. Oh and of course the version I made for my model had only one cuff a choice of sleeve styles hehe!

The fabric has a lovely drapey quality that works really well with the elegant puff of the sleeves. It looks really elegant tucked into a pencil skirt, but can also be worn smart-casual with jeans. Crikey, I think this might be one of my favourite self-made garments ever, y'all! If you want to make your own, you can download the pattern here. Take a look at this tutorial if you want to omit the tucks.