14 April 2013

It's Mark!

Here he is, the man himself! HGV mechanic by day, sewing enthusiast by night, Whitby Goth Weekend fanatic all day long... yes, it's Mark! He may have only sewn four zips in his life (two during the shoot), but Mark's sewing arsenal is clearly vast. Just look at what he's made!!! Over to Mark...

What are your favourite things to make for yourself?

"18th Century clothing. Apart from the underwear, far too uncomfortable - no elastic!!!"

Do you have a favourite sewing pattern?

"Yes, a 1720s frock coat pattern."

What are your top sewing tips?

"Don't rush things, and if it doesn't go right, go have a cuppa, then come back and start again!"

What would you say to anyone who has seen the show and is thinking of learning to sew?

"Go for it, don't be afraid to have a go, what have you got to lose?"

How did you find taking part in the show?

"Very tiring, I had loads of fun and it was great meeting everyone."

How did you find watching yourself on television?

"Can't believe I was really that grey and managed to get my hands nearly clean!!!!"

What was your best moment on the show?

"It's got to be 'The Dolly Spotty Dress'." [Voted star piece in episode 1]

Your worst moment?

"Bloody zips!!"

Your funniest moment?

"Claudia's secret moments!"

Your fondest memory of taking part?

"Meeting everyone for the first time and having such fun."

What are you doing now and what plans do you have for the future?

"Well I have now made three pairs of 1840s trousers with button flies, fully lined; with matching waistcoats made from patterns drafted from myself, all lined and quilted; two 1840s frock coats - one single breasted, one double breasted - all fully lined and quilted. Plans for the future... who knows where we go from here... Hollywood???"

I'm sure Jerry Bruckheimer will be on the phone soon! Thanks Mark, and special thanks to Donna too, Mark's lovely wife seen in the photos above (tough luck, ladies, he's taken!).