19 September 2010

Bath Fashion Museum

I recently spent a lovely day in Bath with my mum, which included a trip to the Fashion Museum. Thought you might like to see my snaps...

Woven silk dress, 1742.

Woven silk court dress, 1760s. Ridiculous.

Cotton embroidered gown, 1795. An open robe put on like a coat over a petticoat, 
before dresses were invented to go over the wearer's head.

White cotton muslin dresses, 1800, when cotton was new. 
The one at the back has tiny glass beads on it.

Cream satin wedding dress with handmade lace and whalebone corset, 1900. 
Apparently the bride's waist was tightened to 20". Ouch.

The museum allows you to try on corsets and crinolines. 
Couldn't quite get my waist down to 20" (blame it on the iced bun I ate on the train). Oof!

The museum also has some great 1960s pieces. 
Shame the mannequins look like old grandmas!

Bath is a very picturesque city with a quaint tea shop on every corner. We also made time for a dip in the eponymous baths, bien sรปr, but you'll have to imagine that bit as I didn't want to get my camera wet.

And finally, here's my mum posing with her favourite sweeties, flying saucers. She's laughing because a man had just sprinted right through the photo!

[Soundtrack: 'Splish Splash' by Bobby Darin]