29 September 2010

The Betty Draper suit

Spot the difference:

Pretty close, eh? I scored this pattern - Simplicity 7032 from 1967 - for £1.50 from a Brighton antiques shop. I'm thinking of making the three quarter length sleeved suit to wear to the synagogue bit of my cousin's barmitzvah and then wear the two pieces as separates in everyday life. So I'm on the hunt for a nice but easy-to-work-with fabric in a sober colour. There's a maroony-auberginey gabardine in John Lewis, the same fabric as the red I used to make the Hollywood starlet dress. But I'm open to suggestions on fabric types and colours (although I'm a bit scared of wool) - thoughts, please! The pattern isn't lined, and though I've never lined anything before, I think it'll be worth working out how to do so for this suit.

[Soundtrack: 'Betty and Dupree' by Chuck Willis]