16 January 2011

My new sewing space!

So - I was supposed to be writing a presentation at the weekend, but look what the procrastinator in me produced instead...

I now have a dedicated sewing space! Hurrah! No longer will I have to sweep my stuff to the side of the kitchen table when dinner's ready. Oh okay then, what I mean to say is, no longer will we have to eat our dinner on the floor. A dedicated sewing space! Yay!

Have you admired the gorgeous drawings on my wall, by the way? They're by Matou en Peluche. I love them so.

Black Gloves - 4 X 6 printGabriela - 4 X 6 print

Apart from those, the walls of my space are a blank canvas. I might get a pin board for inspirational pictures, fabric swatches, project ideas etc. What do you have on the walls of your sewing space?

Ooooooooooooohhhhh it's so exciting!!! I feel like I've been born anew!

[Soundtrack: 'Feels Like I'm in Love' by Kelly Marie]