12 January 2011

Two Beignet colour schemes

One of my New Year Re-sew-lutions is to make more clothes I can wear everyday. I wear my denim button down skirt all the time, so I've decided to get a couple more versions out of the Beignet pattern.

The first one, which I've started putting together, will be in red gabardine (left over from my Ceylon dress), with matching fabric covered buttons, red cotton poplin facings, mint green poly lining (left over from The Betty Draper Suit), and my red bow belt. It isn't going to have pockets because I forgot to put them in and can't be bothered to unpick the stitches I want a more fitted look.

The second one will be in a gorgeous needlecord in a colour I can only describe as "foam bananas" - you know, those soft yellow banana sweeties. Mmm... foam bananas... It will have matching yellow lining, leftover floral print for the facings and pockets from my first dress, and wooden buttons.

What are you working on at the moment?

[Soundtrack: 'Ballad of a Teenage Queen' by Johnny Cash]