26 June 2011

Brighton Me-Made-June Jolly

Q. What's better than fabric shopping?
A. Fabric swapping!

Yesterday I rose early and jumped on the train to Brighton to meet up with a lovely bunch of twelve sewing bloggers. Like the city's seagulls we flocked around the brains behind Me-Made-June, Zoe of So Zo, What Do You Know? We spent some time wandering around the shops and market, but the fabric shopping was relatively restrained compared to previous meet-ups - even Dibs only left with a modest bag of notions. We were more interested in chatting about sewing and laughing about some of the recent shenanigans of the blogosphere. Oh and...

... rest assured - no one left empty handed. After lunch, we cleared our plates, wiped down the table and launched into a game of Stash Bustin'! A more sustainable - and more exciting - style of fabric acquisition. I gave away three lengths of fabric that had been sitting untouched in my stash for far too long. I swapped them for a lovely turquoise Kaffe Fassett cotton, which I'm planning to make into pyjamas, plus the remnants of the nautical fabric Zoe used for her covetable Sencha blouse. Yay!


I had a fantastic day - it was so lovely to hang out with other sewing enthusiasts. Cheers, Zoe!