21 June 2011

Do You Read Sewing Magazines?

Rather late to the party, on Sunday I stumbled across issue two of Mollie Makes in... erm... Tesco. Proof, if proof be need be*, that the crafting revolution has finally gone mainstream in the UK. The incongruity of the location, coupled with the vision of handmade strawberry pincushions, made me screech in the tropical fruit aisle (I swear they heard it in puddings) and straight into my shopping basket it went.

I very rarely buy sewing magazines. To be honest, I rarely even pick them up off the shelf, as the front covers don't appeal. I know some bloggers are fans of Burda, but personally I've never found much in it I've wanted to sew - not that I've flicked through it very often, admittedly. I did buy Sew Hip once and really enjoyed reading it. I felt comforted in the fact that there was a reference to my passion in the physical world, not only online, as it usually staggers IRL people when I tell them that I sew. But while I'm pretty sure I'll buy Sew Hip again, I never made anything from it, and to be honest I find the title a little... embarrassing (ssshh!). Someone gave me a copy of Selvedge once, which was truly beautiful, but so expensive I couldn't justify a subscription.

Back to Mollie Makes. First of all, it's just so gorgeous to look at. The cynic in me is whispering that it's all a bit Cath Kidston for my taste, but the rest of me isn't listening... mmm... pretty colours... pretty things... There are some cute, easy projects in it, perfect for Craft Club with friends - such as a strawberry pincushion tutorial, floral embroidery, and an adorable felt fox. I never knew I wanted to make a felt fox! But I do. And I'm definitely going to give the strawberry pincushion a whirl, especially since I spilt earl grey all over my shop-bought one (the tutorial suggests filling it with emery - anyone know where to get this from?).

Even if I don't get round to making anything from it, it's lovely to have something as pretty and comforting as this that I can read in the bath or put in my bag for train journeys. I also like finding new fabric shops through the adverts. And it's great to read about crafty people, venues and happenings all over the UK - we're not alone! To the cynic in me, who wonders why I'm enjoying looking at pictures of cupcakes, I'd say that there's nothing wrong with taking aesthetic pleasure in the little things in life.

I'm interested to know the value of sewing magazines to people who read sewing blogs. Do you buy sewing or crafting magazines? Why do you read them? Do you make things from them or do you just like looking at the pictures? Which other sewing magazines do you think I'd like? I'd love to know!

[Soundtrack: 'Humanity' by John Legend & The Roots]

ten points if you get the reference!