9 March 2012

French Fancies and Fancy Stitches

Last night I had a lovely time at Oh Sew Brixton for a sewing social organised by Fiona to celebrate International Women's Day and raise money for Oxfam. Jane, Joanne, Alana and Karen came too, making it extra special! One of the highlights of the evening was seeing Karen's stitching up close - that lady really is talented. And so neat! Jane was like a superhuman one-woman sewing factory, whipping up multiple projects before I'd even threaded my needle. It was great to meet Alana and Joanne for the first time - they are just as awesome as they come across on their blogs.


Jane and I arrived together and were super excited to spot these two beauties above as soon as we walked through the door, before we'd seen their owners (beauty a and beauty b in case you're not as much of a sewing blog nerd as me and don't recognise them straight away). Only sewing bloggers will let you stroke their arm, fondle their buttonholes and manhandle the inside of their coat lining without batting an eyelid.

I came away with one embroidered racoon, one vintage Valentino sewing pattern courtesy of Joanne, and a stomach full of French Fancies. What more could one ask for? Thanks to Fiona for organising such a delightful evening.

Oh but before you ask, no I didn't take that Jedi pattern!