16 December 2012

Polka Dot New Look 6000


Thank you so much for all your suggestions about what colour buttons I should sew onto this dress. The comments had me oohing and ahhing - particularly the colour combos I'd never have thought of myself. Navy with green? Oooh... Navy with orange? Ahhh... In the end, however, I just couldn't choose one single colour so left the buttons off altogether. Sorry! But now I can wear whatever colour tights I want with it. Mmm... coloured tights...


The fabric is a really lovely stretch cotton courtesy of the Fabric Godmother (thanks Josie!) and the pattern is New Look 6000. I made the skirt a bit wider at the hemline, since I've decided to be a bit more honest with myself about what style of clothes I'll actually get the most wear out of. Pencil skirts may look pretty hot, but I don't look too hot running for a bus at half a mile an hour with my knees locked together, or sat at my desk wriggling around trying to get comfy. So yes, wider hem it is!

And I love it so!

Want more New Look 6000? Check out loads of gorgeous version's on Scruffy Badger's blog.

[Soundtrack: 'Here I Am (Come and Take Me)' by Al Green - oh yeeeah!]