2 January 2013

Blog Makeover

New year, new blog design! I've been itching to give my blog a little makeover for ages, and finally sat down (a few times, you understand) over the holidays to get it done. Hurrah!

So what's new? The main thing is a cleaner, simpler design. I want to get better at photography over the coming months, so having a plainer background will give me the impetus to focus on creating better looking content.

It's still a work in progress, so you'll see more tweaks over the next few weeks to make it easier to navigate the site. I've updated the About page and will soon be adding FAQs to answer common reader questions. (Anything you wanna know?)

In other scintillating blog admin news, I'm now reading my blog roll on bloglovin... and lovin it! I find the aesthetics of the site does much more justice to sewing/craft/fashion/food blogs than some of the more techie looking readers; it's easy to categorise blogs by different types; and it's great for finding new blogs to follow which match your interests. I know I'm a complete Johnny-come-lately with bloglovin, but if you want to follow me this is moi.

Urgh. That reminds me. I really need to sort out the blog's Facebook page - it's rather bare! I'm not a big user of the platform myself, so if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see on it, do let me know.

Take a look around the new blog. I hope you like it!

[Soundtrack: 'Boogie on Reggae Woman' by Stevie Wonder]