16 August 2013

Japanese Sweet Dress Book

My obsession with Japanese sewing books continues. Is this the best one yet? Quite possibly. Will I actually make something from it this time rather than just drooling over the images? Hold the front page - I just might!

Sweet Dress Book, written by Yoshiko Tsukiori and published in the UK by Laurence King, includes six sewing patterns from which you can make 23 different designs by mixing up the pieces. My favourites are the tie-back tunic from the cover, a sweetheart bodice gathered dress and a pleated bodice dress. As with most Japanese pattern books, the instructions are stripped down to minimal words and illustrated with technical diagrams. Half way through the book there's a cupcake recipe. Random! Oh yes and there's a kitty in some of the photos. What more could you desire?

[Soundtrack: 'Dig This Record' by Jesca Hoop]