23 August 2013

Udon Dress

So I was in a Japanese noodle bar in Soho the other day, admiring the super-stylish denim utility aprons worn by the staff, and wondering what they reminded me of... hmm... now what was it? Oh yes, that sack dress I was halfway through making! The dressmaking project that had left me feeling ambivalent suddenly seemed appealing again thanks to the sartorial wisdom of whoever designed the restaurant's uniforms. Japanese utility chic with a seventies twist? Yes please.

I omitted the self-made fabric belt in favour of a leather one to break up the block of colour and add definition at the waist (it really needs it!). I stitched a single patch pocket on one side to keep my chopsticks pencils in. It's still not the most flattering dress in the world, and the way the fabric bunches around the belt annoys me a little. But I have definitely warmed to it and have a suspicion it could become a uniform of my own, it's so easy to wear.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you come around to a project you weren't sure about after being inspired by seeing something similar on someone else?

[Soundtrack: 'Ping Pong' by Stereolab]