5 November 2013

Ikat Tova Blouse

Finiiiished! The Tova blouse by Wiksten, gifted by Backstitch, in a soft ikat cotton from John Lewis. I lurrrrve this blouse. I know I'm going to get loads of wear out of it - it's so comfortable and easy to wear. (Do excuse the dishevelled state of my hair non-style in these photos - I call this particular look "Autumn Mist".)

The pattern was easy to use and came together with no problems whatsoever. There are a couple of parts that may prove a little tricky for beginners, notably the part where you have to attach the corners of the inset to the bodice, but it's totally do-able. Plus remember that the seam allowance is 3/8" - something I kept forgetting myself.

The neckline is a little low for me, so in an effort to avoid flashing my bits, I'm wearing a camisole under it for the Autumn. Looks great with a Breton top under it too - then again, what doesn't? I'm considering adding a button or two come Spring - has anyone else done that? When I finished it I was initially a little confused about the floppiness of the stand, I guess I expected it to lie flat against my chest...

... but a quick Google search later and I was reassured that it looks like that on everyone, and looks really great on everyone! Seriously - Google Image search Wiksten Tova. Amazing. On. Everyone.

Love it! Have you made a Tova blouse yet? What did you think?

PS. Guys, thank you SO much to everyone who filled in my questionnaire the other day. It had an incredible 1,000 responses in 24 hours, after which I had to close the survey so it wouldn't explode. I've started reading through all your comments and am feeling so encouraged and inspired by what you've said - thank you!

[Soundtrack: 'Lovin' You More Every Day' by Etta James]