15 November 2013

What's On My Sewing Table...

On one of the last days of photography for my book, the designer of the book, who worked with me closely throughout the process, asked me how I was going to celebrate once it was all over. "Oooh I'm going to do some sewing!" I excitedly exclaimed. She looked at me absolutely flabbergasted. After months of speed sewing 21 projects plus countless toile iterations, I was looking forward to... erm... more sewing! "Woah. That's a testament to the strength of your passion," she replied.

And that time has arrived! I've submitted the book and, around sorting out the mess (both physical and metaphorical) that I left festering while I was in flow, and planning my next Big Project, I'm doing some sewing for myself. While the blogosphere is going wild over the latest collection from Papercut Patterns, I've been toiling, tweaking and prepping fabric for the Watson jacket from Papercut's first collection, which has been on my "to make" list for aaaaaages. (If you're in the UK, you can order Papercut Patterns from Sewbox.)

It has a capelet. Say that out loud - "capelet". Such a good word.

I'm making it in some pink wool as a homage to Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom. Homage, not exact replica. The fabric is a brighter colour and I'm sticking to the short length and double-breasted frontage of the original pattern. I haven't yet decided on what lining fabric to use. I might keep it simple with black polka dots on white, or I could go wacky with a crazy cotton print. Any ideas?

What's on your sewing table, please?